Friday, August 01, 2008


I had a ramble I was going to write just now about the motives for honoring parents - to coerce God to give you a long life, or out of genuine, selfless love and compassion. You can probably guess which side I come down on.

But the sky has an interesting look about it, and a bird just flew by the window.

The scent of my garden flowers wafts through my window.

The air is cool.

The table on the patio is clean and its companion chair looks soft and inviting.

My book about Superstition Mountain and its legends vibrates on my nightstand, beckoning.

The tea kettle is about to whistle.

The house is quiet, everyone's asleep except for Joe who's silently getting ready for work.


This post has been postponed.

Something good this way comes.


tshsmom said...

I LOVE that time of day, especially when everybody else is still sleeping! That's the best time to gather your wits and start the day on a high point. ENJOY!

Cherie said...

Yes indeedy, Tshs. I did enjoy! And was joined after a spell by Tom, Sammy, Cassie, then a sleepy Caroline. A high point for the start of the day. Yup. I figured you'd understand for sure. Thanks! Wish you were here.

Gardenia said...

Great photos is an understatement - and I loved today's post, Cherie - I almost felt I was with you enjoying your patio and yard and thoughts

tshsmom said...

Hairry always shares my early morning reveries too. He's such a comforting presence! Hairry and I would love to share a peaceful dawn with you and Sammy!

My winter version of this is to sit in the dark kitchen, with only a candle on the kitchen table. Not quite as nice as listening to the birds, and watching the squirrels and bunnies, but it works. ;)

tony said...

It even feels Peaceful here reading your calm words.Your thoughts travel long distances!
Have A Great Weekend Cherie.

Sandy said...

That something good is sure worth reading about! Love the pictures that go with them. Thanks Cherie.

Cherie said...

Good to know, Tony! Hope your weekend is going peaceful and relaxing as well. Thanks.

Sandy, happy to know you enjoyed my little unpost. And you are most welcome. Hope your day is bright and refreshing - on many levels.

Cherie said...

Tshs: You and Hairry would be a welcome addition any morning! I, too, love cozy cold mornings by candlelight at the kitchen table - alone. Nice!

Gardenia: You'd be welcome with Tshs and me any old time! Glad you enjoyed the post.