Monday, August 18, 2008

Enchanted Forest

The hour-long drive Sunday morning to Enchanted Forest was dominated by the beginnings of a series of thunder storms. Dramatic skies caused our adrenalin to surge in excitement at the adventure we sped toward.

At last we arrive at the theme park begun by a local man for his children decades ago.

One of the many delightful scenes dotting the lush forest along the Enchanted Walk.

In the castle I peer through a window hole.

Can you see the Spirit of the Tree smiling at you?

Yes, they dare go into the Witch's House!

Even I took a turn on the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe's slide that's been a source of fun for my kids for twenty years.

The Wild West was never more fun...or funny.

The soaking from the log ride felt oh so good on a hot hot day!

Caroline and Cassie tour the Olde English Village.

Inside where's it cool we watch the water fountain show. Dazzling every time!

An overhead V of geese guides us home.

You're never too old for Enchanted Forest!


deanna said...

Ah, memories of being there! I really like the colorful fountains and the log ride. Fun.

Cherie said...

Yep, fun. I was telling the girls someday - many many moons from now - maybe we'll be walking the trail with them AND THEIR kids. More decades of fun!

Anonymous said...

I followed your link. Mr. Tofte is a testament to his generation and love of family. A sweet place and an appreciated post. Thanks, Cherie. The geese photo is beautiful!

Wendy said...

I remember when Enchanted Forest was first built in the 60s!! Haven't been there in decades....It still looks fun!