Friday, August 08, 2008

To Watch or Not to Watch

Today marks the beginning of the 2008 Olympics and I'm still unsure if I will watch or not.



The recent Chinese violence in Tibet, plus the decades long invasion and cruelty there, are bad enough.

But I heard two days ago that China revoked U.S. Olympian Joey Cheek's visa - without explanation - so he's not allowed to participate. Wha????

I also heard that China dislocated a million people by razing their homes in order to build some of the Olympic buildings. Again, wha??

There's more, of course. Much more. I'm not keeping up on it very well.

Still, I'm having a hard time resolving this issue.

Do I support the Olympians or do I protest China?

Is there a third option?

I still don't know whether I will watch tonight or not. I'm leaning toward yes, but there is guilt.

What to do, what to do...


deanna said...

I know. In fact, I almost mentioned this in passing to you earlier today. The Olympics! The athletes with all their dreams! But, China, and what a world of change it seems is needed there.

I'm not watching yet. But I'm sure I'll be cheering on people from Oregon at some point before the games are over.

Gardenia said...

I'm staying out of it this year - it was totally unfair to the athletes to set this up there - the pollution, the underbelly agendas of the government, human rights violations, so much more - ugh! But it is confusing - our athletes need supported -but my own opinion is that by non-participation we can send a message to the powers that be who set these Olympics that we will not tolerate their choice of country when it is as sleazy as China..

tshsmom said...

I've been boycotting the Olympics since I discovered what the constant training does to children's bodies, especially gymnastics. :(

Our relations with China infuriates me in MANY ways. We're sending all of our manufacturing jobs to a country with NO regard for the environment. Their factories should have to meet our pollution standards before we buy anything from them! And don't get me started on their human rights violations...

tony said...

I never watch much i will watch just as little a usual!
How You Doing?Best Wishes From England&Tony.

Cherie said...

Gardenia: It's not an easy choice, is it.

Tshs: It's something else the way the Chinese choose and 'train' the gymnasts. There was a little girl on there last night who had baby teeth - I KNOW she wasn't 16, the minimum age. The commentators were commenting on it. (Yes, I watched. Cassie and Caroline love the gymnasts and I succumbed.)

Tony: Well, it's an easier decision for you then. :) I'm doing well. Kind of off kilter this month. In between the project and 'back-to-school' with another project in the wings. For today though, I'm just enjoying the sunshine! Best Wishes from the U.S. to you, too.