Thursday, August 28, 2008

Melted Snow and Huckleberries

Today Tom, Cassie, Caroline, Sam, and I spent several hours here:

Fed by melted snow, this lake is C O L D, but when one boldly jumps in, vigorously flails limbs, and shouts, "Melted snow! Melted snow! Melted snow!!" one gets used to it pretty quickly.

We were happy to find ripe huckleberries. Not many. Most of the little gems were either picked already or unripe. But persistence pays off. We'll have huckleberry muffins tonight!

Synchronized swimming is easy when performed singly.

This mountain lake is my favorite place in the whole world! As I floated and splashed, played and contemplated I realized that I was smiling. Smiling contentedly.

Repeatedly throwing water high above my head to watch it separate into a million sun-infused jewels, kicking my feet hard to see the clear water turn white and then catch the sun again, diving underneath the surface, pulling hard with my arms to glide through the lake I feel as though this water and I are one. For just a moment...or two.

As Cassie said, "I'd love to live here! I'd love it!"

While we can't live there, we can visit again and again, the way we visit good friends. Eagerly. Joyfully. And always wanting more.

(Check out my latest culinary experiment here.)


Sandy said...

Gosh that first picture looks like an island of paradise. Actually the whole place looks like something very special. I love how you say "While we can't live there, we can visit again and again, the way we visit good friends."

Good friends and water go well together!

Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, those mountain lakes tend to be cold, eh? Looks beautiful, too. And huckleberry muffins? Wow! Sounds like a lovely time.

His Love is the Theme of My Song said...

Reminds me of the fun we had at Grandpa and Grandma's on our summer vacations!

Beautiful lake, beautiful pictures...beautiful family. Oh, and I'll be by to get Sam real soon!

deanna said...

Ooo, that's the kind of swimming where you feel fine, once you go numb. Glad you had fun.

Cherie said...

Sandy, yep. Good friends and water!

WC - the muffins were terrific. I thought of you.

HLITTOMS: Reminds me of P.L, too! Will you pick up Dudley as well?

Deanna: Thanks!

Gardenia said...

I can see why mountain lakes are your favorite - it seems like you found one that is pretty close to heaven....sounds wonderful!

I remember swimming in Wyo lakes - and when we came here we went swimming at the beach on Christmas and people thought we were crazy - but it was actually warmer than the Wyo lakes!

tshsmom said...

What a beautiful little lake!

You're pictures are always!

Tell Cassie that your lake wouldn't be as special if you lived there. ;)

Cherie said...

Oh yes, I'm sure the ocean is much warmer where you are than the lakes of Wyoming. Funny story, Gardenia. Thanks! Our part of the ocean is C O L D, like this lake, but I still swim in it - just, not on Christmas. Ha!

Tshs: "Little lake" - yep, compared to the ones out your way it's a tiny pond. It's actually either the number one or number two purest lakes in the U.S., can't remember which. So clean and clear, and like I said, cold. I passed your message on to Cassie and she sees the wisdom of it. ;) Thanks!