Thursday, August 21, 2008


A blustery storm passed through our region this week. In preparation the patio table's umbrella was lifted for storage in a dry corner. Outdoor chairs were neatly slid under eaves for protection from splattering rain drops, potted plants gently shoved against the house to protect heavy laden branches from disorderly winds, saving flowers and fruit.

My efforts paid off, no damage.

The storm, while fully enjoyed for its wild and wet, passed. Furniture is restored to useful places, flowers fully cleansed and watered reach robustly for the sun once again.

It was a gentle storm, not a hurricane.

Violent storms, however, require more than mere rearrangement of precious things, they require full-on defense or evacuation.

To know the difference is to understand which procedure to follow. Rearrangement or boarding up windows, evacuating important possessions to safety. Eave protection or hunkering down.

For lack of attention and maintenance unnecessary destruction occurs.

In patio decor.

In homes.

In families.

While a storm brews on the horizon no weatherman tells me which way the wind blows, advises no procedure. Discernment is up to me, my experience, my knowledge, my feeble wisdom.

God help me make the right choice for it seems my eyes alone scan the horizon. Others, oblivious, foolishly rush toward damage or destruction.

This storm oppresses - the chance for mere rearrangement has passed. Too ferocious. Will I escape in time, my precious ones safe, or will I linger too long sacrificing my all to save a straw house?

Here comes the huff. Here comes the puff. Will it blow the house down?

Eventually, yes.

Will I survive the loss intact? I hope so.

I hope so.


His Love is the Theme of My Song said...

Read Proverbs 1:20-33~~

Yes, you WILL survive the loss intact! God promises!

Love you!

tshsmom said...

LOL, same here! The contractor wanted to put the window from the old porch on the north wall of the new porch. I insisted on him putting it on the west wall. That's where I personally keep an eye on the weather without getting wet or blown away.

We've worked too hard for what we have to let it get destroyed by neglect!

cecily said...

Hi Cherie... not sure if my mind is in the wrong place but I wasn't clear on whether the storm you prepare for is a localised real one for you and your family or the generalised 'world in a mess, headed for destruction' type. If it is localised - may you have all the wisdom and grace you need to negotiate it. If it is the generalised, worldwide mess - God help us all, for we need it. And I agree with the first commenter - we hold on to a promise that we will be kept safe for a brighter place in the future. Hug to you.

Cherie said...

Thanks for encouraging words, friends.

Cecily, sorry it was vague but I know you understand that sometimes the stuff of our hearts isn't for the masses except in a cloaked form. It's not a weather storm that squeezes my soul these days, though we did have a pleasant rain storm pass through this week. Thanks for being a kindred and getting to the 'heart' of the matter. Your hug helps, as always.

Tshs: And you of course know full well that hard work is protected, not neglected. In the material world and in the world of family. Thanks!

HLITTOMS: Thanks for being there!

Gardenia said...

Awesome post. We were expecting storm down here - SIL gave me the rundown of what needed to be done and then laid down on the couch. I, with my spasming back, had all sorts of emotions. I turned my back, decided not to be a martyr and left the furniture outside to whatever the elements would bring. So far no storm. But I think I need to dissect that for the lesson contained therein!!!!

deanna said...

Surviving in tact or no, may you remain, dear Cherie. I hope the storm proves to be gentle, after all.

tony said...

Yea ,If It Must Be Stormy , We Pray It Be Gentle ....I hope it came&went + You&Yours are Safe & Well.

thebookbaglady said...

Lovely. Thoughtful.

I'm back on the planet and, ready or not here comes the school year. Bill is suddenly back to work and I'm pondering getting organized. I'd love to talk to you about CC sometime. It's still a little out of focus for me, but I went to the big, beginning of the year meeting last night and that helped with more clarity. I've been to a few meetings but now I need to actually read my stuff....after I finish reading Three Cups of Tea which I can't put down!! :-)

Cherie said...

Thanks, everyone. Looks like the storm is perhaps averted for now.

All is well.

This is good.

And so are you!