Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Brunch...Why Not?

After sleeping late then lingering in bed discussing the happenings of recent days, letting the cool air breeze around us as we watched the new birch trees sway, sway, sway, Tom and I decided to get up and have brunch. Right then. On a Thursday.

We've been moving too fast lately, hurrying here and there, doing this and that. So we stopped. And we brunched. I should have taken a picture but, no, I'm glad I didn't. It was private. On our new patio surrounded by various sized pots full of flowers, herbs, and a jolly little hemlock tree.

It felt, to us, like we'd slipped away to Italy. Our little outdoor tile table that Ben gave us when he moved soon became laden with a tea pot full of Jasmine tea, small Japanese tea cups, a glass bowl of just-right cantaloupe chunks, plates supporting scrambled eggs with fresh spinach and scallions, toast with organic local strawberry preserves, and some of Cassie's peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies.

We laughed. Out loud and hearty. We ate. We sat back in our chairs, set down our forks, noticed the blue sky, the flowers, each other. Forks back in hand, knives spreading red berries on toast, bodies leaned in to catch every word, every wink, every gleam of the eye.

The kids instinctively stayed away, shyly smiling at their parents.

From behind our fresh green and blossoming foliage we heard the neighborhood living, moving, whistling through the lovely late morning.

Settled us right down.

The rest of the day has been most pleasant.

Serendipity. One of my favorite words.


Gardenia said...

Oh what a nice time that was - thanks for sharing it - here I sit late at night, yet savoring that morning with you.

IndianaJones said...

that sounds just about perfect.

Cherie said...

Wish you two were here to have a quiet moment with me, Gardenia and Summer.

Funny thing - we had our quick breakfast out on the patio today but it was much different. The phone kept ringing so run run run we'd go into the house, a fiesty squirrel scampered along the fence and Sam barked like a crazy dog at him. Oh well, ya take what you can get right? :D

Mike S said...

I NEVER take the phone outside with me unless SWMBO is out and about with her cell phone, and then only because I worry about her, especially with touristy drivers onna roads. If we go out to eat and relax on our little balcony/porch about 60 feet above ground, we leave the phone inside, ringer off. I figure if something terribly bad happens, not knowing for an extra few minutes won't matter as I'm too old to hurry much of anywhere. Similarly, bad news as well as good news will wait, anything else justifies paying for caller ID & voice mail.

The critters are part of the scenery, gotta have the squirrels, dogs, birds, etc. to complete the picture.

Sounds like a wonderful day you had. Nice patio!!:)

Mike S said...

I forgot, those type plants are definitely going to be added to our little area. Very nice:):)

Cherie said...

I hear ya about the phone, Mike. I should have turned it off because I could hear it through the window. With the situation with Mom I'm hesitant to let it go to voice message. But you are right, it could have waited a few moments.