Friday, June 13, 2008

Balloon Kyphoplasty

From the neurosurgeon we learned that Mom has a vertebral compression fracture low in her back. There is possible infection in the bones there as well.

On Monday she will undergo a biopsy to discern if there is any infection. If yes, she's back on very specific antibiotics for awhile before she can have any repairs made.

If there's no infection she'll undergo balloon kyphoplasty right then and there. Hopefully that will take care of the residual pain she's been experiencing, those twinges that remain after the steroids removed the bulk of her misery. I shall keep you posted.

My brother and sister-in-law took Mom for her pre-op appointment today. All her vitals are perfect! Such good news. She's strong. She is walking with a walker - cautiously and with a bit of help - but doing fantastic. She has upped her stationary bike riding from 15 minutes to 20. We are all quite excited! She's a strong, determined woman. We are very proud of her.

I'll post again about Mom once I return from my few days down south next week where I'll join the same sister-in-law as we help Mom get to the hospital for her surgery on Monday. Tom will join us.

Dad is being brave. He worries but is not as frantic today. My brother is a calming influence on him and today was good for Dad. Next week Tom will help Dad with some guy stuff around the house that needs attention. I know when stuff gets nutty for me it helps to have women around to talk with, for understanding you know. I think it's the same with Dad. The men coming around seem to give him balance somehow. It's good.

We're all feeling relaxed and hopeful going into the weekend and Father's Day. There's less frenzy today.

And I'm rambling!

Stay tuned...

(The photo of Mom was taken last weekend when she was given a quarter-pounder and chocolate milkshake from McDonalds, long-time comfort food for her, as the contented smile on her face clearly reveals. She's so cute...)


tony said...

Your Mum Looks to be enjoying the Food!
Yes, your Dad's in difficult position.I guess he has to stay strong for the Family, but he must have had a difficult time.
Best Wishes For The Weekend.
Regards From Tony.

Cherie said...

Tony, I am surprised at Dad's reaction to this whole 'Mom ordeal.' Normally he's very in control, confident, nonplussed.

My uncle has assured me that Dad's reaction isn't abnormal. My parents have been married for sixty years. To come this close to losing her, to have her gone from home in a situation with no certain outcome (is there ever a certain outcome, besides the obvious one?) well, I guess that's a lonely, shaky place for Pop. You are right, he must have had a difficult time - and is still having it. I think he'll be fine once Mom gets home.

You have a great weekend, too! Ours is sunny and kind so far. Gonna build a fence/gate for our new patio.


Mike S said...

Wasn't the fence in the other post at the end of the patio? I'm soooo confused now. I thought the plants were in pots onna patio. Will those grow in pots?? If it ain't veggies or fruit I'm lost.

Best of luck to your folks. I'll be saying a few words for them as always. Off to check your other blog, I know I just saw patio pics someplace?!?!?:):)

Mike S said...

Now I don't know where I saw patio pics!! It wouldn't matter except the bottom floor tenant saw it on my PC and asked if I'd make one for him. Got interrupted and started with your blog as I thought I left off there, especially after reading about patios. Arrrrgggghhhh!! Gotta go back and see where I got lost.

Tell your Dad I know how he feels, if SWMBO gets as much as a cut finger I start thinking of terrible scenarios. Never do it with others, not even the kids & grandkids.

Cherie said...

There are some photos of the empty pots with snow on them on my other blog, Mike, back in April. The post is called Snow Storm of April something or other. In that pic you can see the fence at the end of the patio. You are not crazy - ;D! You did see a fence. Tom is building another matching gate and fence at the other end of the patio. The long patio goes along side our house and addition. The addition itself is 40 feet, so it's a long narrow patio, but it's perfect. The fence he's building now is for privacy from the street and to keep Sir Beagle away from the squirrels - and his barking. He can harass them from the the shady backyard just fine. (You are right that the unpredictableness and fun of the animals is needed for a proper outdoor experience - except when it's a beagle with a big bark.)

There are some photos of the veggie garden and some of the potted herbs and flowers in my post about June a few posts prior to this one.

Maybe you saw patio pics on another blog. I hope you found what you're looking for before you drive yourself batty.

We have many plants in pots on the actual patio and at the ends of the patio are many in-the-ground plants including the calla lilies shown here. I suppose they'd grow in pots just fine - big pots. They get tall and bushy as you can see in the photo. Very pretty.

Thanks for the encouragement about Dad. It helps give me perspective, something I am sometimes too in-the-thick-of-things to keep balanced.

Marianne Elixir said...

I love this picture of your mom enjoying a bit of success in the midst of battle. Lovely how God gives us those breathers.

Thinking of you, and sorry that I didn't get to hug you in person while I was in Eugene this weekend for graduation.

tshsmom said...

WAY TO GO Mom!! Good luck with the back surgery!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Seattle! My sister in law is working on getting strong for her stem cell transplant. I'm hoping the best for your mom. What a long road this has been for you all. Be safe, tell your mom there are people praying for her in Connecticut!

Cherie said...

Thank you one and all!!

M., how I would have enjoyed a hug! Joe says he saw you at the graduation. We'll connect one of these days. :D

Tshs: The post above this one tells the tale. It's a good one! :D

Sandy, I've been praying for sis-in-law. Hope you had a good trip. I'm sure she enjoyed seeing you, and you her. I've told Mom about the Connecticut prayers and she's grateful - and amazed. :D