Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Family Gathering

UPDATE- Thursday, June 5: Mom took steroids today and already her back doesn't hurt at all most of the time. "Only if I twist do I sometimes get a little twinge," she told me just now. She's sooo excited. She can stand now. "I feel really strong in the morning and can take steps. At the end of the day after therapy I am tired so not as strong." We're told it's possible she can be released within a week if the changes experienced today continue, for she's moving around amazingly. She can get out of bed, get into her chair, and more. We're all giddy with happiness for our mom. Wednesday is the doctor's appointment that will tell us the results of the bone scan and what we can expect from then on out. Surgery may be needed for some potential disc trouble, but we are told if it necessary it will be minor. Praise God! Thanks to all of you faithful friends who send prayers and good wishes out for us all. I'll keep you posted here until Mom is home safe and sound and happy. There are still things that could go awry - as in all of life. For now, though, I am rolling around in this good news! Yippee!

P.S. The photo is of my two daughters, my dad, and my oldest sister, for those who may wonder.

Early MRI results on Mom's tests are showing a possible crushed disc or two in her lower back, where the pain has centered for a month. The bone scan results have not been shared with us yet. June 11th is the doctor appointment.

"Patience. Patience."

But we want to know now.

It looks like it's nothing terribly serious and something potentially fixable.

This cheers.

Mom looks better than I've seen her in a long time. Dad looks rested, though he still cannot completely relax. He's trying, though and that makes a world of difference.

After spending an entire enjoyable day with my sister, my dad, my daughters, and my mom (poor Dad, huh, all those females!) at the hospital Monday helping Mom prepare for tests, waiting for tests, and helping Dad find places to rest his head, the girls and I are happy to be home.

It's quiet today. First time in a month. The phone isn't ringing much. I fell asleep. For three hours. It's like I am able to breath again, as though my mind, my emotions, and my spirit have calmed enough to let my body rest.

'Tis good.


Marianne Elixir said...

Oh this is good news! I am so happy you can relax, and will pray that if this can be fixed, that it will be!

Mike S said...

So good to hear you've had a chance to 'let your guard down' for a short respite. It's so important for YOU to remain strong and hopeful as they look to you as THEIR example to emulate now.

Life is funny that way. We start out dependent on our parents and end up with them being dependent on us. Still saying extra words for you:)

Sandy said...

Cherie, I hope her back situation can be fixed. Gosh, she really has been through a lot. Amazing how one reaction can disturb a whole bunch of people.

Hope you find out soon. Is that your sister in the picture or you?

Cherie said...

Marianne - It does my heart good to share this uplifting news with you. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Mike - How right you are that it's important for the well ones to remain strong so they can help the unfortunate. Yes, life is funny that way. I guess that's why people call it the circle of life, huh? We end up where we start only with reversed roles.

Sandy - It really is amazing. That's not me, it's my older sister. I have two sisters, see. The one whose blog you visited, and the one pictured here. My poor brother is out numbered three to one! :D

tony said...

Hi Cherie
I,m Glad The News & The Results Are Something you can All Work With.
And A Spot Of Calm!
Have A Good Rest.All Be Comfortable!
Bestest Wishes From A Geezer In A Sauna!

Reginald Parsons said...

Great to see the smiles, and I am glad to hear you're feeling rested.
I've been a little self-centered lately, please forgive me.
Mid-simmer coming soon 21st. this month there abouts.

Cherie said...

Tony - A spot of calm, yes sir! I take your good wishes greedily. Thanks El Geezo!

R.P. - Nothing wrong with being self-centered now and then. How else can we take stock of ourselves and the events surrounding us. No forgiveness necessary, friend. Good to hear from you, though. I've missed you in my self-centeredness. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Cherie! I've been keeping up on your mother and praying for her and all of you. I read the update and called my husband at work to tell him. We are excited for you!!! I look forward to the post which states she's home at last.

Have a wonderful weekend!

liz crumlish said...

Yippee indeed.

Cherie said...

Thank you, Annie. Your enthusiasm makes me smile. Mom rode a stationary bike for 15 minutes yesterday, "The kind where you have to move your arms," she said proudly. She's progressing by leaps and bounds. I couldn't be happier right now.

Liz, thanks! I knew you'd rejoice with me!

tony said...

Sounds Like Your Mom had fun.I,m Glad She is mending.

tshsmom said...

What wonderful news!

I have 2 discs, which tend to herniate, so I know how much pain your Mom is in. I hope the doctors will be able to fix this for her.

My parents would also be totally disoriented without each other. I'm sure that you and I will be the same when we get to that age. At least your Dad has learned how to do a few things so he can help your Mom when she goes home.

Now it's time for the rest of your family to re-gather your strength....DO IT! ;)