Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow Storm, Part Two

What did I see when Cassie lifted the blinds this morning at seven forty-five?


Snow on cars, on rooftops, along the fence tops, on the lawn, the sidewalk, the tulips, to herbs, and the line of empty flower pots waiting for warmer nights so I can fill 'em up with veggies and flowers.

I have pictures but my uploading chord is in Portland so I either need to buy another one or wait until Ben sends it down. Soon I'll post the evidence of this amazing snow from yet another arctic cold front swooping in from Alaska.

Is this what happens when one gets to missing Alaska? It comes to them?

If so, I miss Figi!

While eating our Sunday lunch of Shepherd's Pie, fresh coconut, and green salad we watched the happenings outside our big window by the table. Snow. Hail. Snow. Sun. Snow. Sleet. Sun. And rain coming from a cloudless sky, rain that looked like liquid sunshine or little diamonds falling from the wild blue yonder.

What fun! Talk about entertainment while you eat.

We don't mind a bit because the sun does come out for long stretches of time.

We're still working on the interior trim of the addition. Joe is doing that. Tom is hanging chandeliers in the bedrooms and getting the new sink to work in the bathroom. We're so close to done. So close. And we are fatigued. It's like the fact that we are near the end is making us a bit crazy because we are letting down our guards or something. For so long there's been a mountain on our shoulders and we bucked up out of necessity. Now that we are nearing the top we want to run, look at the view, dance on the crest but we are dragging, dragging, dragging from exhaustion.

We'll get there. Still moving.

And it's still snowing.

Maybe spring is waiting for us to finish before it arrives in full force. I hope not! Too much pressure!

Happy Sunday.


Gardenia said...

My sis is in Washington - snowing their too! I remember why now that I love Florida so.........

Pam said...

Today we had our first 70-degree day of the season! It ain't Fiji, but we'll take it!
Besides, we'll probably get your weather in a couple of days...

Glad to hear you're almost done with all of the remodeling... What fun you will have relaxing in the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherie!

I tell you if I had opened my door to snow this morning...I would have fainted.

And you should definitely be missing Figi!

tony said...

Still Cold here in England Too!
Stay Warm!

Anonymous said...

Cherie, maybe that snow is the last measure of patience. I know how you feel about getting that addition done, but you've come so far, you'll be able to admire it all that much more after enjoying it's completion and knowing all the hard work that went into it.

Cherie said...

Hey all, thanks for the encouraging words. Spring will get where it needs to be and on time. Of that I am certain. And the same can be said of the remodeling, right?


thebookbaglady said...

I found your blog! It sounds like a big remodel. We just weathered an exhausting winter remodel/refinance here. We can rest and enjoy it for a few more months.... then we have to tackle the potential (and very likely) dry rot in our upstairs bathroom.

Cherie said...

Yay, we've found one another! Thanks for leaving me a comment to mark your visit.

So you know the 'joy' of remodeling. I am waiting for the 'rest' - looking forward to it as if it were Christmas.

Dry rot - yuck. Hope it's not as bad as you think it might be.

Enjoy your day, BBL!