Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day - April 22

"As the river runs freely the mountain does rise
Let me touch with my fingers and see with my eyes
In the hearts of the children of pure love still grows
Like a bright star in heaven that lights our way home
Like the flower that shattered the stone" ~~ John Denver

"American child, does the call of the wild
Ever sing through the mist of your dreams
Does it fly with the wind when you waken again
When it's gone do you know what it means?

Can you picture the time when a man had to find
His own way through an unbroken land
Before the machine changed the blue and the green
To something you can't understand?"

American child there's a burning inside you
That calls you away to the cold
To come back again to all that you've been
Can't you see that it's time to come home?"

~~ John Denver, American Child

More Earth Day Celebrating over here.


tshsmom said...

Another good idea from our generation! At least this idea has lasted. ;)
Happy Earth Day Cherie!

Cherie said...

Right on! Happy Earth Day, Tshs!

Gardenia said...

How beautiful - these could be Wyoming - but perhaps, Colorado. I loved John Denver.

Cherie said...

Gardenia: The first photo was, in fact, taken in Wyoming at Yellowstone. The second in Alaska, the third in Colorado, the fourth in Alaska.

John is sorely missed, isn't he. ;(

Gardenia said...

Yes, he is - the very tenor of his voice spoke of high altitudes, mountains, prairies....

Cherie said...

It makes me happy that you love and understand John Denver, too, Gardenia. :D