Friday, April 11, 2008

Sky Art

No human planning can create a pink-streaked sky, or a playful moon, or a sepia sunset. No, these are gifts given to the observant, often to the weary who need to be reminded that beauty exists, that life is still fresh and new, that beyond our imagination there is Someone who surprises, who creates sky art, and tree art, and creature art every day.

The dog acted hungry or thirsty so I ventured out to his doggie dishes on the back porch to check on their contents. "Yes, boy, you could use a little more water." Dumping the old water onto the lawn led me under a crescent-mooned sky, streaked with pink jet-trails. Jet trails, signs of man's intrusion into nature, made beautiful.

Good to remember the wonder. Needful to separate from the temporal to spend time in prayer just to get back to myself, my beliefs, my journey, and the Eternal.

Maybe this weekend the work will give way to a bit of play, a bit of quiet, and a bit of prayer.

Heaven knows we need it.


Wandering Coyote said...

I saw crocuses yesterday on a sliver of lawn between the road and the melting snow bank in my brother's front yard! Alas, I am still camera-less, or else I would definitely taken a picture for you!

Anonymous said...

When I click on the moon photo I can see the craters clearly. Terrific photos all. I hope you find the 'bit of play' this weekend. Heaven knows you deserve it. ; )

Anonymous said...

To anyone who hasn't found Cherie's other blog which is listed in her sidebar I suggest you go to it. It's beautiful. I find it inspiring. There's an awesome post there now about the seasons of the heart that made me cry. Lovely. (I hope you don't mind my plugging Cherie. The site ought to be read by everyone!! This site too.)

Tom said...

A warm welcome to you Cherie
This is such a nice post for Sky Watch.. I'm sure many folk will enjoy this as much for the semtiments than the pictures... it is a neat reminder to me that other folk look up to the sky for other more important reasons..

Thank you for joining in Sky Watch.. I think it will be a nicer place with you here

Daniel J Santos said...

Excellent post, excellent pictures.

Reginald Parsons said...

Great photos- my favourite is the last one.
This post has for me been like a quiet meditation, a prayer.
Thank you Cherie.

Unknown said...

Great sky shots collection.

Anonymous said...

These are very nice and charming photos, but I cared more fore the last one ... it's almost magic.

Anonymous said...

Cherie, I'm so glad you joined skywatch! On this post, I love it when nature makes us stop and kind of shocks us into another place where we want to run and get the camera! Beautiful post.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Fantastic photos Cherie! Love all them! Well done!

SandyCarlson said...

These are beautiful, Cherie! So are your thoughts that accompany them. The Light has a beautiful effect on all you see and share.

Mike S said...

Great shots!!

Cherie said...

WC: "...on a sliver of lawn between the road and the melting snow bank in my brother's front yard." Hurray!!! I miss your camera, too. Thanks for letting me know that Spring will not be stopped by a long, hard winter. I'm happy for you.

Annie: I was pretty excited that the craters showed, too. I have a hard time getting moon photos to be anything more than a bright shape in the sky. And thank you for 'the plug.' Quite alright by me. Heaven knows I am a supporter of sharing what inspires.

Old Wom: Thank you most kindly for the warm welcome. I'm excited about this new merging between the great Sky Watch folks and me.

Daniel: Thanks for the kind words!

R.P.: I'm not surprised that you found the post like a quiet meditation and prayer. It is that for me as well. That last photo was a lucky event and a happy surprise. Thanks, my friend.

John: Thanks!

Quint: Hey thanks! It is sorta magical, isn't it. I like that description. Makes me think I could write a story from it.

Sandy: Bless you for pointing me in this direction. I love it when nature invades, too, in its startling - magical - way. Thanks, Sandy.

Sonia: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Sandy C: Your insights are precious to me, Thank you.

Mike: Thanks! Is your snow melting, yet?

Petunia said...

Great SWF shots:)

Petunia's SWF

Cherie said...

Thanks, Petunia!

Anonymous said...

The horizontal pink streaks mimic the branches of the tree. Wonderful photos.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Fantastic, the Moon interlaced with the trees!

I loved it!

Have a nice weekend,


tony said...

A Good Reminder.The (Almost) Lost Art Of Looking Up Towards The Sky.

tshsmom said...

Another beautiful glimpse of your world!

Cherie said...

Andree: That's what caught my eye first thing - the mimicking. Thanks for the comment!

Luiz: And the second thing I noticed was that playful moon peeking out through the spindly tree branches. Very fun! You have a nice weekend - and week ahead - too. Thanks!

Tony: It is somewhat a lost art nowadays, you are right. Lost in the hurry.

Tshs: Thanks, tshs!

cecily said...

20 comments?! Fantastic. Maybe I should officially join sky watch instead of just privately watching (but I can't be bothered). ;)

Oh, and the photos are beautiful too! Glad I found the time to pop by again Cherie.

Thanks for your 'busy' thoughts too. Life is very complicated ey. I need to write more about it, but am struggling for space. I'll get there though!

Cherie said...

You're welcome for the 'busy' thoughts, Cecily, long as they were. ;) Yeah, life is very complicated. I struggle for space with you - hey, is that YOUR elbow in my ribs? ;)

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have a GREAT week!