Tuesday, March 02, 2010

2/31 Smoke Scents

Daughters discovered incense awhile ago.

Many scents including cannabis. Don't worry, we aren't getting high from it. But it smokes like the dickens so we put it into our little log cabin incense burner. Smells nice, not at all like pot. Mesmerizing to watch the smoke exit the chimney and windows in beautiful swirls and streams.

One type of incense reminds of smoking meats. Tom heads for his cookbook, licking his lips. thinking barbecue barbecue barbecue all the way.

Scents stimulate the appetites or repel them. Such is their purpose. Perfume - oh, so delightful. The trash can, not so much.

Thanking God today for eyesight and nosesmell.

And my little log cabin gaily smoking.


tshsmom said...

We used to have that same incense burner, but it broke. Now we have a little cottage burner.
To our family, incense is the next best thing to sitting by a campfire.

Cherie said...

How did your cabin break, Tshs? Lots of use, no doubt.

Yes, we think 'campfire' too and sit and smile while eating microwave s'mores. Pretty cool.

tshsmom said...

The demise of that cabin is a mystery that SME denies to this day.

Cherie said...

Ah, should have known one of the kids was involved. :D

cecily said...

Smells are amazing aren't they?! So linked in with memory and all of that. I remember my grandmother when I smell roses cause she had a beautiful garden of them. Takes me back to when I was a child visiting her, and finding their place magical...