Wednesday, June 17, 2009


While one would think the highlight of a week of hosting graduation guests would be the graduation itself, and while the ceremony did bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart, the actual culmination of our week turned out to be a relaxed Saturday evening roasting marshmallows and clowning with friends and family.

But the partying started long before the campfire. Earlier in the week Jed celebrated his 20th birthday with his entire family - there are nine altogether - here with our family in our humble abode. Happy Birthday again, Jed!

Caroline, still with an autographed cast on her leg, rocks at Mario Kart! It's something she can do with her new friends. This party reluctantly ended at midnight. We laughed tears out our eyes! Hilarity!

The pup puts up with it all.

Now, back to the s'more-making wild night!

Tom keeps the campfire going while Grace enjoys her first chocolatey, marshmallowy delight. (Sammy waits diligently for droppage.)

Ben knows this is serious business while Cassie enjoys her smushed roasted orb a la cracker.

Andy keeps us laughing.

Abbi, my fellow photog!

S'more expressions...

Caroline finds herself in a sticky situation - she works it out.

Grace ritualistically burns the graham cracker box in a pyromaniacal moment, while Ben gives her bunny ears...

Oh! Glorious Torch!

Smelling of sugar and smoke, faces relaxed from laughter-workouts, bodies invigorated with night air, and spirits lifted on friendly banter we head for bed and sweet dreams.

Last week's partying dancing in my head quietly promises more such occurrences as the new season gets her steam.

School ends. Summer begins.

Let the good times roll!


cecily said...

Sounds like so much fun Cherie! Life is really about people isn't it. Enjoy summer. :-)

(Like your new blog look btw... think that may have been part of the gobbled comment a few weeks ago)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Cec. Yes, it really is about people! And you enjoy winter.

deanna said...

Thanks for the pictures! What fun! Your house, though not terribly small, must have been very full. I sure missed seeing Sam's whole clan, but it's great to know everyone had such a time.

Cherie said...

You betcha, Deanna.

Our house has an amazing ability to stretch out to fit any size crowd. Always amazes me.

Enjoyed seeing your hubby and offspring at the graduation!

Sandy said...

Cherie, the young ladies in your life are evolving into beautiful women! What fun, a camp fire and good friends and family. Does it get better than that? I don't think so.

tshsmom said...

That looks like exactly the kind of recreation we need! You can't beat it!
SME and Doug are coming here on Wednesday. I'm hoping that we'll all be able to kick back, laugh, and relax. We're overdue.

tony said...

Hi Cherie.I always love your Family Photos. I real feeling behind them.
I hope your day is good.

Gardenia said...

Nice, it reminds me of cooler days past..........not tired of the cast yet?

Mike S said...

Looks to be the start of a great summer there. We're still trying to break low temps & rain records here I think. Summer's not far off(July 4th 2009 thru July 4th 2009)