Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snow? Huh?

First day of Spring and it snows this evening. Here in the valley. It didn't stick down here but it did stick 100 feet higher. All three weather people say it will snow as we sleep though we may not have much to show for it in the morning.

And I've been talking about dead-heading my daffodils.

Will wonders never cease.

Surprising weather.



Wandering Coyote said...

It snowed three times up here yesterday!

Mike S said...

Stopped here around noon today(21st)and the total's at 184.5" on my weather station as of 1300:)

Cherie said...

WC - I figured you would get a good dumping out of this storm.

Mike: The question remains, will you make it 200"?

cecily said...

I love that your thermometer has Celsius on it too! So easy for me to understand what the temp is for you. Our heatwave ended, but it's still nice here.

Interesting point (I think)... we measure spring (and all the seasons) from the start of the month, not the equinox... so we consider ourselves to have been in Autumn for almost a month already. Not that the weather took any notice though!

Cherie said...

That is an interesting point, Cecily, about the way you Down Unders mark the seasons. I didn't know that.

So you are heading into Autumn as we enter Spring. Both gorgeous seasons. I'm glad your heatwave ended. Hope the skies have cleared from the fires as well.