Friday, July 17, 2009

One Moment

One moment to stop, sit on the porch beside freshly watered lawn, unclench jaws and hands, relax my face, breathe deeply.

One moment to catch the perfect gliding of a circling bald eagle overhead in a pale blue sky. Three time slowly around and away he soars. My heart cheers his confident movement, his expertise. Inspiration.

One moment to hear the buzzing wings of a hummingbird, turn my head and witness the level sipping. How can he appear so calm when parts of him are frenetic blurs? Delight.

One moment to smile as a dragonfly hovers and dives and helicopters round and round seemingly tempted by my red shirt, daring closer and closer but finding another distraction to lure him on to new paths. Amusement.

One moment to marvel yet again at a V of honking geese, flying north to another pond or river or lake, sloppy formation as if the heat took perfection's care away. What does it matter? Getting there, that's the goal. Instinct.

One moment between this and that, between attention here and there, between the doings. One moment to be. Just be.

I prayed for joy, for contentment, for energy, and for recollecting the reasons I thrill at being alive.

And God sent me one moment.



cecily said...

lovely Cherie... thankyou for that :-)

(am surviving the winter quite well... we usually get a fair bit of sun even in winter, so it's not too gloomy and I find the winter quite beautiful. That being said, I don't get to see much sun during the week when I am scurrying to and from work in the dark, but the morning and evening light is still beautiful!)

tshsmom said...

Once again we're living parallel lives! I prayed for the same things and God sent me the exact same answer. In my opinion, dragonflies and hummingbirds are 2 of God's greatest miracles!

My message from God also included rescuing a baby purple finch from our garage, and the antics of fledgling chickadees who were lured to our feeder by their mother. Our neighborhood is also home to, at least, 3 pairs of nesting bald eagles.

I can't believe that I was missing all of this when my soul was shutting down in despair! Nature always finds a way to survive and so shall I.