Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flicker in a Dark Place

Like I'm a step and a half behind, or unable to see and hear clearly, slightly off-balance, dizzy I am out of sync with the rest of the universe.

Fumbling along. Frustrated. Stupid.

But, even though I feel out of it I know that life continues on. The garden teaches me this. I merely water. Every day. I don't even notice the new fruits until one day I look and sure enough, there they are. They've been growing all this time whether I notice or not, whether I feel synced up with the process or not.

I suppose I am growing, too. And the fruit will be noticed.

One day.


tshsmom said...

I'm in that same place!
Last week I realized that the summer was half over and I haven't enjoyed the natural beauty of summer at all. That's so unlike me. Now I've been making an effort to tune in to the bird song and growth that's occurring all around me. 2009 has knocked the stuffing out of me, and now I'm desperately trying to get my life back.

Cherie said...

It sure hasbeen a rough year for you, Tshs. Takes a while to get back in balance, doesn't it. "...desperately trying to get my life back." I hear ya.

So weird the similarities in our journeys, you and me.