Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Bitter, Man! (A 60 Second Post)

True confession.

I feel the need to purge myself of this secret.

I hate coffee.

I've always hated the taste of it. It's bitter.

It stains teeth.

I do not drink it Sam I Am. Here or There. Anywhere.



I said it.

I admitted it.

Stone me.

(Just, please, don't make me drink the stuff.)


tshsmom said...

Aha! There's a 2nd thing that we don't have in common.
The thought of a fresh, hot cup of coffee is the only thing that gets me out of bed and off to work every morning. ;)

Pam said...

Well... this is a tense moment, Dearest Twinniest Friend...

I not only love it Here or There or Anywhere (I Yam Pam, Pam I Yam, afterall), but I think it runs through my veins! I love you too, though, so I guess we'll be fine, even though it hardly seems possible that such a huge difference can exist between us!

Do you at least like the way it smells?

P.S. Glad you're feeling better!

Cherie said...

I know I know I know - I am diseased or something. Just not normal.

My parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, in-laws, out-laws all guzzle the stuff (except for my equally-diseased baby sister). My husband and sons love it. (We are waiting to see which side the girls fall on - so far they are with me in the distaste of the bean.)

Yes, my dear twinny, I do adore the scent of coffee whether it's brewing or in bean form or ground up. I love to grind the beans for Tom - I sniff and sniff. Heaven! A freshly brewed pot of the delicious scent will get me out of bed - but only for the smell of it.

I know there is something terribly wrong - or right -with me. You'll just have to look at me as the weaker sister - or the stronger.

You are both so understanding. This confession has been good for my soul.

Now I've outed myself. There's no going back in.

But - I do know how to make a pot of coffee for family and friends. Never have complaints. Starbucks and I are on excellent terms - Tom gets coffee, I get tea. (My British roots, I guess.)

So maybe it's not as hopeless as it sounds on the face of it?

Cassie said...

I hate coffee too! No matter what it is.. there could be more milk and chocolate than actual coffee and I Still cant drink it. Ohh well. I have good company!

deanna said...

I'm with you, Cherie, and your dear daughter. Coffee: good smell; yucky taste! I'll drink hot water before I'll imbibe the ground bean stuff. (Actually, I drink hot water a lot and enjoy it; not so thrilled with tea, either.)

Ann said...

I don't think any less of you, Cherie. (I know...what a relief for you!) Many, if not most, of my friends who are of my generation do not drink coffee. Maybe that's why I hang around so many younger people, those of the Starbucks generation, who grew up knowing about lattes, cappuncinos, expressos, etc!

Cherie said...

Cassie: You and I have certainly given the bean a fair shot and both have come up with wrinkled noses and turned down mouths. Oh well. Better for our bones to stay away from all that caffeine. Right? I'm glad you are here with me on this no-coffee path. ;-D

Deanna: Yay! Another fellow sojourner. You'd laugh at my tea, I think. I drink jasmine, mostly, which is a green tea, and I steep it for a matter of seconds rather than minutes. Same with any tea I drink. I do the British thing and add milk to black teas. At Starbucks I get hot Chai with soy milk. Foamy, sweet, and good. Hot water is good for you, so I'm told, so you are doing yourself a favor. Thanks for letting Cassie and I know you are out there with us.

Ah, Ann, knife through the heart! Are you suggesting I'm old? = )

So you know a lot of people who don't drink coffee, huh? Wow. I don't feel so alone. I don't know many adults who don't imbibe the black stuff, let alone guzzle and depend on it.

With my kids the ages they are, I am familiar, too, with the fascinating world of exotic coffees. In fact, I've introduced Tom to many of the different types and flavors. I bring them home to him when he's working here. We have coffee houses and stands all over the place. I'm thinking of getting him a french press for Father's Day.

I'm an odd duck and an enabler. And you let me know that there are other odd ducks out there, too.

Bottoms up!

Angela said...

wha????? gwawk, murumph, gasp!

people like you...

it's alright.
i hate water.

Cherie said...

Sorry if I made you choke, Angela! Hope that wasn't hot coffee splurting out your nose.

Potato, potahto, right?

; )

Carrie said...

Don't worry Mom... I hate it to. In fact I don't even like the smell of it much.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Caroline, for your honesty! We sure do have a lot of fun together, even without coffee! ;D

cecily said...

I love the taste of coffee, but it effects my insulin production and I have hypos a couple of hours later... so I don't drink it because it's not worth the shakes and faintness.

We can drink chai latte or herbal tea together!

Cherie said...

Yes, yes, Cecily, let's do!! Cheers, friend!