Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finally, Real Snow!

Caroline enjoys the icy-covered pond.

Snow begins falling in earnest around seven in the morning and continues beyond two in the afternoon. Rare for our fair valley.

Tom's snowball just misses Caroline. Today's white stuff is premium snowball material. We end up thoroughly whited with snow, red-cheeked, and breathing heartily.

A blue heron takes flight overhead at the pond, large wings flapping like some ancient winged creature. (Click on this, and any of the other photos, for a better view.)

Cassie learns to drive in the snow in the Autzen Stadium parking lot, learning first hand the difference between two-wheel drive, and four. She counter-steers by instinct during slides and fish-tailing, tests the brakes, giggles,...and grins. Hmm, acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
While she's an Oregonian, her mama is a native-born, shoe-scorning Californian. What can I say? Acorn, tree.

This is winter. We are content.


tshsmom said...

That heron picture is absolutely SPECTACULAR!!
What a smart thing to do, teaching Cassie how to drive on slippery roads when the snow appeared! I would have been too busy having fun to think of that.

Cherie said...

Oh trust me, we were having fun....we're all kind of wild, you know, and letting Cassie drive in the parking lot in the Trooper was like an amusement park ride for us. We were all in the car, you see, even the dog, as we were checking out our snowy town.

There were three or four herons. The others flew away from us but this one flew right over our heads. I instinctively it was anywhere near my head..... ;D

Glad you liked the picture.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Cherie! Love those animal print pants atop the cold red feet! Which daughter is that? I laughed. Sometimes my kids sneak out like that too. I don't know how they stand it! I agree with Tshsmom about the heron photo. It reminds me Ansel Adams' works. I like the close up of the snow on the branch, too with the little water droplet hanging on it. You have a good eye. And Cassie driving in 4 wheel drive! Thrilled that you finally got your snow! Enjoy!

Laura said...

New reader.. new visitor... new new new. LOL
BUT I will be coming back for more!


Cherie said...

Hi Annie! It's Caroline in the cheetah print jammies. You have a good eye to notice how pink her little tootsies became in a very short time. Let's put it this way, she didn't loiter.

Laura: Welcome new reader - new visitor! Thanks for taking the time to introduce your cheerful self. I look forward more visits. ;)

deanna said...

Super fun! Great pictures! I love the primordial heron. So glad you enjoyed the day, too.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your family had a lot of fun in the snow!!!! Your pictures are really pretty.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Deanna and Ashley! Glad you like the pictures. We have indeed been enjoying the snow.

I had occasion to have to drive in the heavy snowstorm last night, around eight, with the roads completely whited out, slushy, and slippery. I couldn't see the lines - on the freeway, no less. Everyone was going slow, but it was snowing so hard, with big flakes swirling everywhere, I could barely see and at one point I was completely disoriented. I was a'skeered, I'll tell ya! But, we made it. Whew. Exhilarating.

And today, as you know, Deanna, the snow is rapidly melting.

Wandering Coyote said...

Very nice! I think you got the same storm we did.

cecily said...

beautiful... sigh

No sign of snow here though. ;)

Cherie said...

WC: Yes, I think we did, too, and I'll bet you have TONS of snow to our inches. So pretty. I'm glad you are home again, safe and sound.

Cecily: Yes, almost as beautiful as those ears of corn on your barbie!

Pam said...

What a beautiful storm you had! My parents called to tell me they had at least 8 inches -- waaaaay the heck more than we had in the whole month of January here in Minnesota.

Imp said...

I have to say... the weather must hate me or something. I wait 10 years for real snow down there... then finally move up here where people keep telling me there's a lot more snow... and EUGENE gets all the snow... and we get a dusting... ARRGH!

Cherie said...

Pam, in our hearts we were Man-nah-SOO-tans.

Ben, I thought you guys got more than we did. Sheesh, can't believe the news. Maybe you got more ice, huh?

Ya shoulda come down and played with us!

Imp said...

There is talk of coming down soon... Sarah has off president's day, or columbus day, or whatever it is that's coming up!

PS how is the remodel coming along?

Cherie said...

Oh goodie!! We are having a mondo work weekend that weekend, cuz Dad gets that day off, too. You can help. ; )

The remodel is two steps forward, one step back, but it's coming along. The heaters and lights work. Yay! Dad did it!! Painted, for the most part, with some edging and fixing of blemishes to do. After the water heater is put it, underlayment and doors are next, then, floors!

You will be surprised! I've done another of my wild colors.

Imp said...

Cool. Can't wait to see it :)