Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pieces of October

I need a new camera. I think I've about worn out my faithful Canon. Ben has given me a perfect suggestion, but there are other things on The List ahead of a new camera for me.

Christmas is coming. Hint, hint, my family, hint hint, wink wink.

My old, yet trusty camera helped me capture these shots just now, of life from my vantage point. Just a slight glimpse, of course. I like my secrets.

And I love October! Changes. Change can be strange, hard, unpleasant, lovely, frightening, and good. Seasonal changes are crucial for living things, and we are all creatures here on Earth. Little, fragile, hopeful creaturely creatures.

October in my neck of the woods means a few late tomatoes and other delicious harvest delights, leaves dressing up for their grand final farewell, blue skies, stormy skies, and soggy ground, beloved, best-friend sandals forlornly positioned back into the closet, wet muddy boots and shoes by the front door, piles of pumpkins and plastic bags of tiny candy-bars at the grocery stores, rapidly thumping then intermittent windshield wipers, fired-up furnaces and wood stoves, hot beverages gingerly handed to grateful loved ones during chilly evenings along with snuggly, fresh-scented blankets. Too-many catalogs in the mailbox each day, election noise and propaganda, a bit of lethargy in the in-between, and yet, a certain excitement brought on from gusts of wind, splattering rain, and the promise of something unknown about to happen...soon.



Pam said...

I hope you find that new camera under the Christmas tree this year! But meanwhile, you do so well with your photos -- I love the family faces in your sidebar!

Fall IS a wonderful time, isn't it? I know it's an ending of sorts, but to me it always holds the promise of a fresh start.

Here's to more of your beautifully described cozy times where the weather outside chases us indoors for hot beverages, snuggly blankets and time with loved ones.

Cherie said...

Good morning, Pam! Yes, the ending of one beautiful season, and the beginning of another. *Contented sigh.* Glad you enjoyed the faces of my tribe! : )

Ann said...

Yes, I love the sidebar pictures, too. And I love October, at least I used to when it meant autumn. Now it means more of September, which is more of August which is....miserably HOT! Oh well, speaking of change, I already have a lot of that in my life, so it's not all bad that the seasons haven't (changed)!

tshsmom said...

Beautiful pictures and emotions! I love Fall!

The flash wouldn't work on our camera yesterday. I hope this isn't contagious. ;)

Cherie said...

You made me chuckle, Ann, with your description of change in your life. Yes, you have had a lot of change, so you deserve a break. But why does it have to be so hot?

Tshs, Thanks! (I do so hope we either A.) have cameras that last a little longer, or B.) have been good little girls and will receive new cameras from Santa. Have you been good?

What? Me? Hmm...

; )

Mike S said...

Fall has always been one of my favorite four seasons. They all seem to offer something magical, just in different ways:)

Cherie said...

Mine, too, Mike and I heartily agree that all four seasons offer up magic of their very own, just as do the seasons a person's life. Beautiful nature!

deanna said...

What a flavorful post. Autumn it is.

Cherie said...

Deanna, ; D

cecily said...

We just planted our tomato seeds here - a bit late, but hopefully they'll grow big and fulsome anyway!

Similarities here are too many catalogues in the letter box (you can pin Christmas down by the day the letterbox is swamped!), an election campaign and something about to happen soon. yay... I'm feeling alive again.

Cherie said...

Cecily, how well I remember when these gigantic tomato plants of ours were little seedlings. I know you'll enjoy watching yours grow and produce!

I like your list of similarities, too. The mailbox stuffed with too many catalogues is a sure sign of Christmas, you are right about that.

So happy that your part of the world is waking up and you are coming to life again. We are going to sleep. I'll live spring and summer again vicariously through you for the next several months. ; )