Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ducks Rule, Cats Drool

Tom, Cassie, Caroline, and I went to Autzen Stadium to watch the Home-coming Game for the Oregon Ducks. They played (stomped, mashed, wiped the floor with) the Washington State University (Wazoo) Cougars, defeating them 53-7. A very fun game, blowout though it was.

Lots to watch, including the game!

Caroline had her orthodontist put green and gold bands on her braces just for the game. You can see them here if you look closely.

These two men were opponents who shared a tense moment at one of the ref's calls, then broke the ice with each other and ended up sitting side by side, having a great time conversing. At the end of the game they smiled, wished each other well, and shook hands. It really IS just a game, for fun. Good to see these two showing kindness and good sportmsanship. Really good.

Every time the Ducks scored the mascot would swagger onto the field and do push-ups equalling the total score. We'd all count with him. He got a good workout today! The cheerleaders did gymnastics across the end zone, too. Amazing!

I am wearing my Angry Duck Eyes cap. I call it my Mommy-Hat because when I put it on backwards I have eyes in the back of my head, as do all mommies. Right?

Going for that last touchdown....and it's GOOD! More push-ups for the Duck!
Half-time was fun, of course.

UofO's cheer leaders jumped, swooshed, neck-snapped, and smiled!

The pep band kept us energized.

The stadium was completely packed. A sea of green and yellow, with a dotting of red here, a small dash there.

All in all, a fun way to spend a sunny October day.

Perfect weather. People you love. Music. Yelling.

(Did I mention we won?! Yay!)


deanna said...

I was walking around near Alton Baker and Autzen afterward with friends (of course, forgot my camera). So glad you could be there amid autumn and athletic splendor. Thanks for the views. Go Duckies!

cecily said...

I have no idea about how this game works at all... but looks like a fabulous time!!!

Cherie said...

Wasn't it just a glorious day, Deanna! Perfect weather. I wasn't kidding, was I. : )

Cecily, football is a wild and rough game that has so many rules I don't know HOW they keep track! But, it's fun to watch, especially with others. There was so much to see beside the game that, you are right, it was a fabulous time!

Thanks for responding, you two!

Wandering Coyote said...

Cherie: OK, I'm sorta back from my self-imposed break from blogging and just catching upon what I've missed here at your place in the last little while. You have posted some great pictures! And I see you've renovated your sidebar!

Cherie said...

Hey, WC! Glad you're back - even sorta. Yep, I had a little extra time on my hands, so I revamped here. I like it. And I like your new profile pic, too! I'm heading over your way right now.....

Pam said...

Color us jealous, Cherie! Especially Joe. We hardly ever get to see the Ducks play out here, but when we do, it's an event! Recently it was the game that was promo-ed and then they didn't show it afterall. Much bummage was had.

Anyway, great pics, happy family -- looks like a splendid day was had by all!

Cherie said...

I thought of you, Pam, every time I quacked my plastic Duck beak! Quaaaaack! Do you still have yours?

Pam said...

Yes, I still have my duck lips, as we like to call them. Quaaaack!

tshsmom said...

What a beautiful fall day! I'm jealous; it's still raining here. :(

I LOVE your hat!

Cherie said...

I figured you did, Pam. Good!

Tshs, I hope the sun peeks its head out for you, soon. We are having storm after storm, but there's supposed to be some upper 60's sunshiney days ahead. We shall see.....