Friday, August 03, 2007

One, Two, Three Months of Summer




Green gives way to brown

Forest fires, smokey skies


Tan lines on feet

Sleepy dogs lying on their backs

Blackberries, the kind you eat

Fading plastic blow-up pools

Cold beer, iced tea, gallons of water

Warm, salty, trickling sweat

Relaxed tired laughter

Road and building construction

Ice cream bars

Grilled this 'n that

S l o w i n g down

Swear words: "Back to school"

Starry skies, meteor showers

Family gatherings, campfires, s'mores

RV's everywhere

Sandy beaches

Old ladies in straw hats snip flowers

Old men bent over hoes hack weeds

Lush gardens

Tomatoes on the vine

Farmers' Markets overflowing

Lounging teens

Working teens


Dusty cars


Open windows, scant breeze

Scents of yestersummer

Projects, noise, one more trip to the store

Community fairs and festivals

Humans in rivers, lakes, creeks, livestock tanks

One third of summer remains

We sqeeze every delicious drop.


Wandering Coyote said...

Great list.

I love cultivating my Birkenstock tan as well as my watch tan. Weird, I know. I just bought some spray on sunscreen because the cream was driving me up the wall. I hope it works just as well.

tshsmom said...

That about sums it up! ;)

Deadmanshonda said...

For some reason your life just always sounds so much more delicious than mine....

Anonymous said...

This post is making me miss summer as I sit inside at my desk. Must. Get. Out!! ;)

Pam said...

Please pass the lemonade!

Cherie said...

WC, I have Chakos that leave that familiar and prideful zigzag tan line, so I know how you feel. Also, I bought some expensive spray on sunscreen last year and it was terrific! Not greasy, stayed put, and did the job. Hope yours satisfies you, too.

tshs- yeah, but now I can think of things I've left off - like watering the yard, washing the cars, bike rides, early morning walks, hot late nights, bathing said sleepy beagle, and mosquitos. Summer is great!

Ah, Leisel, your life sounds good to me - grass is always greener? ; ) Come on over, anytime!

Des, I.Hope.You.Get.Out.This.Weekend!

Here, Pam! Enjoy! Sip, sip, sluuuurp ; D

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the words and especially the photos. Are they all yours? Is that your daughter in the livestock tank? Your family picking berries? Tom on the roof?It looks like pure country summer. You make me feel good that August is here with this glass half full look at summer just when I felt like it was leaving.

Thank you Cherie, you made my day.

Wandering Coyote said...

I sat out in the sun most of yesterday afternoon reading and used my new sunscreen. It worked. I tanned! The watch tan is coming along great!

deanna said...

"Scents of yestersummer"....sigh. Very nice post.

Cherie said...

And you made mine, Annie. Thanks! Yes, the photos are all mine as are most of the ones on this blog. That is Caroline in the livestock tank - the fastest way to cool off that I've ever experienced. And the berry-pickers, yep, Cassie, Tom, and Joe. I appreciate your comment, Annie. Thanks again.

WC - good for you, catching some rays, reading, and becoming more summer-striped! They're great, aren't they, these outdoor days.

Thanks, Deanna, glad you enjoyed this August post.


Now I'm off to enjoy this not-too-hot Saturday where we'll work together as a family and play at the end of the day.

Marianne Elixir said...

Where can I find one of those livestock tanks! That is the perfect personal pool.

Cherie said...

We bought our tank when the boys were quite young, young enough that they could both get into it and have a blast.

I had been buying those little plastic pools and they'd be thrashed before the next summer rolled around. I felt bad throwing away all that plastic - they didn't recycle everything back then, yet I was environmentally conscience - ahead of my time.

Anyway, I told Tom, "I need something indestructable, like what the cowboys used to dunk each other in." That's when I thought of a water tank, and we call it the Tank, and we see that it is good.

Seriously, it's been our 'pool' for about 18 years. The boys use it, the girls use it, Tom and I use it, we've been known to cool the dog off in it now and again, and it's still in perfect condition.

In non-hot months Tom turns it upside down and uses it as a table-top when he's working on cars or in the yard.

Maybe we should name it, huh.......

Thanks, M, for giving me a chance to think back on happy days with my little boys, and smile on current happy days with my girls.

I may take a dip after I work on the front yard......which I'm supposed to be doing now, but I just took a break. When I'm all hot and sweaty nothing feels so great as to hop in that tank amidst the vegetable gardens and flowers, and....just.....lie there. Relief, thy name is water.

Off I go to weed and mow!

Anonymous said...

Those berries are making me hungry

Anonymous said...

This is great Cherie! Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

Cherie said...

And they are sooo good, Katie. Hope you can find some for yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

Hello, Sandy! Thanks to you, too, for your visit and your comment.

cecily said...

I think I have the winter blues... that all looks SOOOOOO good! Something to look forward to I guess. :)

Cherie said...

I remember being in the middle of winter and looking at your pictures thinking the same thing. Nice that we can do that for each other, huh. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't always have access to the web and catch up on your writing any chance I have!! Am so happy to be part of your "family" ! Love from A.J.

Cherie said...

And I am so happy you are a part of this family, too, A.J., my inspiration and very favorite aunt in the whole wide world!

Marianne Elixir said...

Thanks for the water tank history! I loved hearing it, and now I know what I must find for the boys (and myself and Andrew and whoever else may come along). Do let me know if you come up with a name for it =)

Cherie said...

You are most welcome, M. for the water tank history. One of my kids read your comment and said, "Mom, we have a name for it. It's The Tank!"

Yes, yes it is.

And now you know.

And now you can live a restful life, because you know.

And so do I.


Marianne Elixir said...

Ah, the profound simplicity. Kind of like naming your cat, Cat. I was hoping for something like Chester, or Bucky...but The Tank will do. It is quite appropriate, I would probably do the same.

In other news, my youngest sister, Kimberly, is hoping to start Gutenberg this fall. I am very excited for her.

Cherie said...

Yes, sweet simplicity....

I, too, am very excited that your sister is going to be going to Gutenberg. Draws our lives all the closer, you and me. How fun!