Tuesday, February 14, 2006



We woke up to a very light dusting, which melted away with our expectations while we ate breakfast, and opened our Valentine's to each other.

Lo and Behold! It began to snow big fat flakes, which we promptly went out to catch with our tongues, in jammies and bare feet. The flakes were sticking, and soon, we had an even better dusting of snow and it kept coming. It was a great surprise for the Day of Love!

We leashed Sammy and headed out the door to walk around our neighborhood and to the nearby park to play and enjoy the cold, white stuff. (It's the home school advantage, you see - spontaneity!) Sammy was having a great time, prancing around, jumping up into the air catching flakes in his snapping jaws. Very cute.

It's a pathetic showing, I know, to you people who get serious snow, but here in the Banana Belt, we take what we can get. And we are happy.


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