Wednesday, January 25, 2006


"If I worry, will the future change?" ~~~Caine, from the old 'Kung Fu' TV show

Tom discovered this little lizard basking in the sun in the Grand Canyon. Isn't he cute? Tom held him for a little while and during that time people gathered around us to take a peek at the tiny creature. There were many oooo's and ahhhh's as well as friendly comments in several languages. The smiles were universal. This little creature made a space for some curious humans to gather around and share a moment of wonder at one of God's little critters. Little Lizard was gently placed back in a friendly area to resume his sun bathing.

Some kind folks have asked where we get the photos for our blog, if we take them or borrow them from the internet. The pictures on this blog were all taken by our family. The one of Sam, our beagle, was taken by our daughters. Precious, isn't he!

Thanks for the cheerful feedback!

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