Monday, January 11, 2010

Circle of Friends Award

One of my good friends, Tshsmom, bestowed upon me a Circle of Friends Award back in early December. In response I'm to list 5 Things I Like.

First, thanks, Tshs! It's been a positive distraction, the consideration of which has made me happy.

I put this little adventure on my back burner while the drama, trauma, and Obama of my life took over.

Alas, today I pencil-jotted pertinent notes on a teeny scrap of paper.

Here's what my storming brain has come up with:

Five Things I Like:

1 - I like going to the movies on Monday mornings when other people's kids are in school. 'Old' people - besides the occasional phlegmy hocking up of stuff - are quieter and usually considerate.

2 - I like walking in warm pouring rain. Getting dripping wet. Soaked.

3 - I like when the small, red piggy bank that catches leftover change from spent grocery money cashes in at over thirty bucks.

4 - I like playing devil music - i.e. Rock - and wildly dancing alone or with any other equally uninhibited bystander.

5 - I like meditating, showering, and bathing amidst the glow of candles, string-lights, a diminutive low-wattage lamp, moonlight, sunlight, or an amber sunrise or sunset.


deanna said...

I recall first hearing at Christian college that rock was devil music. My pastor parents hadn't taught me that - shameful - but they had raised me to be aware of what was going on in music and other things. I can't dance as uninhibitedly anymore, due to creaking joints, but sometimes I still give it a try.

Congrats on the award!

G'ma Joyce said...

I'm so glad we reconnected. You are just a delight!! And I'm so happy you like 'old people'. I more than qualify on that one. Love you much! AJ

cecily said...

hey... i like those things too :-)

tshsmom said...

#3 makes me giggle.
My parents never called rock "devil music". They just called it noise. My mother would snidely say:"Someday your kids will play music you hate too, and your kids will hate your music."

Wrong again Mom! My kids LOVE classic rock and have copied most of my old records onto CDs and MP3 players. I enjoy much of their music too. This literally makes my mother grind her teeth. "NONE of you have ANY taste in music!" *giggle*

Cherie said...

Thanks, gals!

Deanna- you can dance to your best abilities and it counts. Oh yes, it counts! :D

AJ: I'm so happy for us, too! I repeat - you will never be old!

Cecily: yippee!!

Tshs: Same here on the music front. Our kids are so superior!