Monday, February 23, 2009

Workin' It Out

Pot de Creme au Chocolat.

(The above photo shows it right after I poured it into the dishes. It's still warm.)

Never heard of it until Valentine's Day when Tom and I ordered it during our romantic dinner out.

Now I know how to make it myself.

And Tom says mine's better. (It's so rich it nearly makes my eyes sweat.)

So many things to learn and try in this life!

What fun.


deanna said...

I must look like Homer Simpson when he sees a donut. Ahhh...(drooling) :o)

Cherie said...

Quick! Snap a photo of yourself and we'll compare. ;)

tshsmom said...

Oh WOW; that looks like a real mood lifter! I Googled the recipe and will be trying it soon! What kind of chocolate did you use?

Cherie said...

Tshs: The recipe I use is found here, just fyi:

The chocolate I use is Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate Bar (green and brown label) which is the only sweet cooking chocolate I found in my grocery store. It works great!

I spoon the cooked the dessert into my little Japanese tea cups and it fills four of them perfectly.

AND, I made a batch today then read your comment. Great minds. The reason I made it again is that when Tom and I went shopping this morning he placed a bar of this chocolate into the cart, then headed over to the dairy case for whipped cream. He's so funny! He wants to celebrate the weekend, I guess.

Let me know how yours turns out, okay?

tshsmom said...

GREAT minds girlfriend! I looked at all the recipes that popped up, but that's the one that looked the best to me too. ;)

All the recipes discussed the virtues of various chocolates, which aren't available here. I'm happy to know that good old Bakers works. Cream and Bakers chocolate are on my shopping list for next week. I'll let you know how it turns out. THANKS!

Cherie said...

You're welcome. Always happy to help sweeten a friend's life. ;)

I suppose there are fancy-schmancy chocolate bars out there that would make the recipe EVEN better. But it's so good with Baker's and Baker's is handy, hey, good 'nuf!

Have fun!