Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Food for Paddy's Day

Today we used our noon meal to honor St. Patrick's history in Ireland with Irish Stew made from lamb, fresh vegetables, and homegrown herbs.

It all started with cutting up fresh local lamb and chopping vegetables.

This is the before picture.

While the stew simmered I put together and baked Irish Soda bread made from fresh ingredients such as whole wheat, buttermilk, and oats. Tom discovered today that honey is a good topper.

Steaming Irish Stew after a few hours bubbling in the pot.

An ambience of candles, flowers, family, and a beagle chewing on lamb bones settled us right down. We savored - s l o w l y - prayed earnestly, and relaxed definitely.

We'll round out the day with a viewing of our favorite Irish movie, Waking Ned Devine.

But first...a nap.

In the wearing of the green may you never be pinched!

Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland forever!)


Mike S said...

Does an onion & green pepper pizza count?? Looks delicious:)

Cherie said...

You betcha - especially when eaten by and Old Indian Fella with a bit O 'the Irish in 'im!

tshsmom said...

Lamb is one of the few meats I've never tried. They don't even sell it in our stores here. :(

Cherie said...

: ( is right, Tshs. Maybe someday. The lamb I buy is naturally grown on sustainable local farms, you know a healthy little lambie makes a healthy family. It was very tender and delicious. Wish you could have been here with us. We'd have had a rousing blow-out St. Paddy's I'm sure! :D

Gardenia said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting at my blog. How did you find me?

Anyway, thank you so much because in visiting your blog I find beautiful pictures, beautiful writing, and a beautiful person.

The food looks exquisite -

Ann said...

Ireland forever, indeed. Blogging forever, too. Well, maybe not forever, but for a while longer. Just couldn't give it up.

The stew looks fantastic. Love your photos.

Cherie said...

Welcome back, dear Lady Ann. You handled your midlife blog crisis with great style!

The stew did indeed taste fantastic! Thanks!

Sandy's Notes said...

This looks so yummy. Can you send me the recipe?

Cherie said...

Thanks, Sandy. Sure I can send you the recipe. Be happy to. It's one of those 'in my head' things, but should be quite simple to put to paper. :D

Cherie said...

Gardenia: I found you through WC. Thanks for the kind words!


It's a long time since I layed eyes on soda-bread, and in it's typical trad, shape.
I'll just cut a slice if you don't mind. Thank you!

Cherie said...

And here, Sean, have seconds. You're welcome!

Cecily said...

Yum, yum, yum.

In Australia St Pat's day has descended into one big excuse to get very, very drunk while looking silly in green. I have never bothered to participate and for the life of me cannot remember what it was all about to start with.

(I shouldn't have taken so long to visit btw... there are so many posts here! Was it really that long?!)

Cherie said...

One big day to get drunk and be green-wearing silly is an attitude in places here, too. Maybe we have more Irish descendants than you do so the spirit of St. Patrick's has lingered.

I don't think you have taken so long to visit, Cecily. I think I had a prolific blog posting week. Whew! And here you read them all AND commented. I feel so very honored. Thanks for that!