Thursday, February 21, 2019

Not of a Kind

Sparky lives in water,
In simplicity.

Funny thing about Sparky,
While new leaves appear now and then,
Sparky stays the same size.

Sparky remains immature.
Sparky survives.

Sparky cannot reach his little shoots
Out toward the sun or receive fresh rain.
Sparky prefers the status quo.
And for Sparky that's okay.
It's all he is capable of being or doing.

Sometimes Sparky grows reactive in anger
When expectations are not met.
Clenching fists and fits
Sparks, but no fire.

Sparky is content to
Merely exist
In self-imposed restriction.
It is safe there,
Doesn't take much work,
Just living is not must have sunshine, 
freedom, and a little flower.
Hans Christian Andersen
Or thought,
Or self-examination.
Sparky baffles his world.
Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility. Sigmund Freud
But Jasmine,
Darling sensuous Jasmine,
Captures air, soil, and water,
Dares, stretches, thrives,
Vibrates with vitality.

Jasmine expands and curls
Supple, dark green tendrils around Her trellis.
She reaches toward the sky,
Spreads wide and tall,
Roots deep and vigorous,
Leaves nourished in sunlight.

Jasmine bursts forth with
Blossom upon white blossom.
Delicate Beauty,
Delicious fragrance carried on the breeze,
Available to all.

Jasmine thrills at life,
Energized by possibility,
Courageous and wise,
Tenacious in hope.
Explores, enjoys, understands.
Jasmine grows.
Jasmine matures.
Jasmine enriches her World.
The secret to happiness is freedom...and the secret to freedom is courage. ~ Thucydides

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