Sunday, May 17, 2009


"Wanna go for a bike ride before church?"

"Yeah buddy!"

Tom got the bikes out of the shed while I packed yogurt, dried fruit, and sunflower seeds for breakfast.

We hit the trail peddling for the river, a bench, and a very scenic sunny morning breaking of the fast.

There is a poignancy to looking at these photos this afternoon. A bit of serendipity all the more cherished after learning at church that an acquaintance my age has a terminal illness. Oh, to type the words, to read the words! What must pulse through the minds and hearts of this kind person, this loving family? There is much unknown. There is much known.

We all end the same. We all hope to have finished our most pressing work which for me is raising the kids. But who ever knows? Who ever knows?

God knows. And we persevere the best we can.

In light of the Truth.

For me, there will be more bike rides, more beach days with kites and dogs and laughter, there will be more yogurt making, flower and vegetable planting with loved ones. Living in the moment, focusing on eyes, and hair, and smiles, and tears. Listening. Lots of listening. And learning together about the One who is the reason for the journey.

And less - much less - carrying of expectations on shoulders meant for carrying joyful dreams.


Patti said...

Beautiful post, Cherie -- in words and pictures.

Sandy said...

I love the face lift of the blog! And of course you start my day helping me to appreciate that I'm healthy and can live to appreciate another beautiful day.

You are good for me Cherie.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Patti.

And thanks, Sandy! You're good for me, too.

deanna said...

I've so enjoyed the pictures and ponderings in the last few posts. Good for you, changing and doing what pops up in front of you. I've had a few moments of grappling with stuff, too, these past weekends...It takes energy, but well-spent energy, I think.

Momentary Madness said...

The more time you need/want, the less there’ll be.
There is only today, and the work we are doing.
Yesterday, and tomorrow are neither here nor there, and when we die our work will be done.

Cherie said...

MM: Me verbose, you succinct. You are great at getting right to the heart of the matter - in a few well-placed words or lyrics. Thanks! Perfect.

tony said...

Cherie! Well Said!
Bad News Gives Us A Focus.
Yes, I was going to say much the same as MM but He beat Me To It & Said It Much Better Than I would Have Done!
Enjoy Each Moment!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Tony. MM does have a way with words, doesn't he. That's my focus these days, enjoy each moment, or even it there isn't much 'joy' to live in it and acquaint myself with what is right there before me.