Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Reflections

On Inauguration Day, during dinner, this conversation took place around our table:

Cherie: I appreciate what Colin Powell said about President Obama, something about him being a very, very capable man, a transformational figure, who's fully qualified and, "he also happens to be African-American - I put it in that order." I love that. I wouldn't want to be elected solely because of my race - or gender - but because I was fit for the job based on what I had to offer.

Cassie: Whoopi was saying, on The View, how happy she is that there's finally a black President, that Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream has been realized. Then, Sherri Shephard said something like it isn't enough. That it's just one man, just the President. Sherri went on saying something like Dr. King's dream won't be completely realized until there's equality in the House and Senate, too, that there aren't enough black people there. She said there has to be equality everywhere before the dream is fulfilled, or words to that effect.

It seems to me, Cassie continued, that Dr. King's dream will be realized when people stop counting.

Out of the mouths of babes.


President Obama's speech - and its delivery - truly inspired. Grand to again have an orator for President. It's been awhile.

There was one line that jumped out at me.

"To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

A profound gem in the midst of a stirring speech. In my usual fashion, I plucked that sentiment from its context and personalized it, applying it to my own experiences as a citizen, as a wife and mom, and one who tarries on the earth for a short while. I took it to heart.

It's easy to destroy - homes, hearts, relationships, communities, dreams. But to build takes not only effort, but a different approach to life, a thinking approach, a compassionate approach, a loving approach - and an ideal.

Thanks, Mr. President. We are off to a good start!


Anonymous said...

It was an illuminating day, hearing the reactions from so many people, the expectations for the new President are huge, I hope he is successful.

tony said...

Tis True! You Will Only Have Equality When The Headlines Read "White President Elected" !

Cherie said...

Yes, Tom, I hope he's successful, too. A HUGE expectation for sure.

Tony, you said it well. Thanks!

Sandy said...

The day was fascinating, Obama shone like the sun. I was traveling in airports that day, the televising was certainly thorough.

MLK would be proud. His work would never be done, but this he surely would have been felt good about.

His Love is the Theme of My Song said...

I hope he is successful in God's eyes...I'm overwhelmed at how people are oogling over him as if he is something akin to the Messiah...concerns me. I pray for him.

deanna said...

Good stuff, Cherie (and Cassie). You've reflected what I felt. Truly an historic day, and now on with the show.

Cherie said...

Sandy: I think you are right that MLK would be very much pleased with things as far as they've gone. He said, in the early 60's I believe, that he thought there'd be a black President in 40 years - he was spot on.

HLITTOMS: I think the worship of him is just emotional and will fade with time. If it's socialism he wants, I hope he fails. If it's the true betterment of the country, I hope he succeeds. Since I believe God is in control I think there will be success whether we recognize it as such or not. Right?

Deanna: Thanks! Yes, on with the show.

tshsmom said...

Cassie, that's EXACTLY what I've been saying! You kids are our hope for the future.

Cassie said...

Why thank you Tish! : ) I do my best!