Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tom Petty - "Some Grow Young, Some Grow Cold"

"I Need a Big Weekend, Kick up the Dust, Yeah a Big Weekend, If You Don't Run You Rust" ~~ Tom Petty

At 55 years old Tom Petty is in no way slowing down or growing cold. In fact, he rocked on for two hours with the Heartbreakers, no break, and sounded absolutely terrific! What a great show! We enjoyed singing our favorites with him. I think Cassie, Caroline, and I were part of only a handful in the audience who knew the words to the Traveling Wilbury's song, "Handle With Care" and we enjoyed singing along.

I don't imagine many of you reading this will even know what I'm talking about what with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and the Traveling Wilbury's, but, we know, and we are happy to be able to add this concert to our growing list of wonderful musical expeditions.

Joe wore the shirt I bought him to wear on his England Trip, the one with the "Sell you computer, buy a guitar" and "Tom Petty Rocks" words on it. Well, a pretty blonde girl had one on, too, and she squealed, "OOOOH, we have the same shirt. Let's get a picture together!" So, Joe obligingly put his arm around her shoulders and smiled. Click! Her sister took a picture.

When people gather together with a common interest, well, you just never know what kind of fun you'll have!

Our ride home was rambunctious as we were all happy and excited.

Bed at 3 in the morning, was BLISS!

Back to work tomorrow!

"Lost Children" - by Tom Petty

"Lord please watch over
all these lost children
born to chase the hurricane.
Please shine some light down
on those who wander
filled with hunger and pain.

Please raise the wind for
all those out sailing
on an ocean alone.
Lord shine a light on
all these lost children
far away from their home.

Lord keep an eye on
all these lost children
swept away in the wind.
Please shine some light down
on all those travelin';
lead them all home again."


Anonymous said...

Tom Petty Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoot Whoot!!!!!

It is so awesome that you fam got to see him! Lucky!!!!

Who are you guys going to see next?!?!?!


Somebody to leaaaaaaan on

Cherie said...

Yes, we ARE lucky, you got that right! Thanks for the feedback.

Who will we see next? Dunno. The Who are coming to never knows these things....... :-)

Anonymous said...

Tom Petty is going to be doing the Super Bowl Halftime!! He rocks!! You're lucky you got to see him Live.

Maureen said...

We just saw him on Saturday. He was amazing!! What a thrill to be able to enjoy his music with a whole new generation of fans.

Cherie said...

Hi Maureen! Thanks for the comment. A lot of people come to this post but none comment but my daughter and my friend. Nice to hear from another fan of the great Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

His concerts are so lively and fun!! I'm going to have to find another one nearby and go again. A blast!