Saturday, May 20, 2006

She's Wooing Me.....

Two years have passed since Tom, the girls, and I traveled to Alaska and had the adventure of our lives! The locals told us that she would woo us back, and it's happening. It's happening. We hear the sounds of the waters, the swish of the fish in the streams, feel the spongy moss under our feet, smell the fresh evergreen scented air, picturing in our minds the frozen giants - the glaciers - and turn our hearts north, to the Land of the Midnight Sun.

How grateful we are to have memories of such a wild and pristine land!

Grateful, too, for photographs, to nudge the memories into full color and accuracy.

We'll go back again, of that I am sure.

Other places await our arrival between now and then. To look forward, to explore new and for us uncharted areas, that is a wooing stronger than Alaska's call right now.

Imagination is fertile ground!

"A secret to radiant health and well-being is neither envying anyone nor blaming anyone. Be at rest in your self. Bless all as you proceed serenely on your way through life." ~~ J.D. Walters

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