Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dream Come True!

Joe is on his way to England as I write! Here Tom and Joe are having some light breakfast foods at the airport while we await boarding time. He'll be flying all day and will arrive in England tomorrow!

I had to take the large picture of him waving good-bye while I was standing behind a security rope, so it's not a good photo, but he is smiling in earnest! He's so excited....and a little nervous. Two months abroad! He's as free as he'll ever be, I think.

Some of you have asked how Cassie's pie turned out! Well, here it is. She made it for Joe as a going away surprise. She and Caroline grew pumpkins last summer and this pie is a result of some of the pumpkin she cooked up. Joe was HAPPY to eat of piece of this delicious pie. In fact, I think he had TWO pieces!

Bon Voyage, Joe! You'll be in Merry Olde England soon, just as you always dreamed you would!

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