Friday, February 15, 2008

Wrapping up the Week...

Caroline has had a full week.

Monday: To the doctor for a recurring rash on her pretty little hands which has Caroline paranoid. Ointment, assurances. Severely chapped, sensitive skin. She won't die from it. While running errands after the doctor visit, with Cassie at the wheel (driving like a pro, I might add), we three were nearly hit six different times, by six different stupid drivers. Cassie reacted perfectly, averting disaster every time. Divine testing, perhaps?

Tuesday: To a noon-time symphony at the Hult Center. Beautiful, wonderful! When we called Daddy to pick us up his phone didn't work. A dozen tries later we got through. In the meantime, we'd walked to the Mac Store, a good pick-up spot. What did we see while waiting? Disheveled, sleepy-eyed kids and adults dressed Goth-like in black or Medieval attire, back-packs sagging from shoulders, all filing toward a vague entrance as though beckoned by some Ancient Being. Before entering the building they silently, respectfully tamped out cigarettes, meeting our eyes with shy smiles. We smiled and nodded in return. After twenty or thirty people slipped up the dark stairway we decided they must have been Role Players. Gotta love this town. Caroline dubbed the mysterious glass door which swallowed them up, "The Weird Door of Oddness." (We have many role playing family and friends, so we did not judge, merely assessed in kindness. We simply found it odd in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of town.)

Wednesday: To the orthodontist. Will the braces come off? Is that last 12-year molar moving in? Braces still on. Molar about to erupt. Almost there. Patience. More patience. Good-hearted girl. Happily we had the tea party adventure afterwards - see previous post.

Thursday: To the optometrist for her first big-time eye exam. 20/20 vision, healthy eyes. The effects from the dilation of her pupils was "cool." The brightness of the day required funky-fun, plastic eye protection for the drive home. Seemed like an upbeat end to a long week of the ordinary and the unusual. But it didn't end there. Nope. Headache. Body aches. Yes, and a fever that rose a degree an hour until it peaked at 102 degrees. Caroline came down with my flu. I hate sharing bad stuff.

Friday: Her fever is broken, but she is weak. She is bummed. She missed all her tutored classes this week. She requests her favorite meal. Pasta. Things are looking up.

Tomorrow: On what note will Brave Caroline's week expire? We harbor great hope.


Wandering Coyote said...

How exhausting!

Deanna said...

Wow. With Cassie having such a week, I suspect Mom is worn out from everything, too. Take care.

Cherie said...

You said it, WC. You must know by now that I like things slower paced that this. Whew. All the appointments crammed together just sort of happened. The good thing is, they are all over with and this next week looks clear.

We shall see...

Deanna, yes Caroline's week of craziness certainly did involve my time and energy as well. Happily, the weather was pleasant and getting out of the house felt terrific. As I said to WC, next week has no appointments. We shall celebrate ordinariness!

tshsmom said...

Caroline, I've always had the same problem with my hands. NOT fun! Find a lotion you're not allergic to and keep those hands hydrated!

Our daughter wore braces for 3 yrs, so I know what you're going through. Hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end!

Cherie, the most important, and scary, lesson our kids can learn about driving is to watch out for the idiots on the road! It sounds like Cassie has learned that lesson well.

Cherie said...

The handcream that the Caroline's doctor gave her began working right away, Tshs, much to her relief. I'll make sure she reads your encouraging words about her skin and her braces. She's been a real trooper!

Yes, you are right about the driving, too. I've always told my kids, when teaching them to drive, that they have much to fear from other drivers and always assume some idiot could be coming too fast or the wrong way. They've become good defensive drivers.

Mike S said...

I feel for ya. When it was the 'braces years' I took them at noon whenever I could as the Dentist was close to my office. Every time I went the guy would show me a new widgit he'd just gotten for his sailboat. I just know I must've completely outfitted that thing over all the years of braces adjusting:)

Mike S said...

Cherie, if you'd like to be on my list mail me @ and I'll get back to you with some simple info- Old Indian Fella:)

Cherie said...

Odd, Mike. Maybe our orthodontists are related. Ours has a sailboat theme with new widgits all the time, too. I think our two sons years of braces helped pay for those. Caroline's braces I think are helping pay for his new kitchen. Oh well.

You shall be hearing from me..... : )

Ben said...

OK. FIrst off I gotta say... Take care Kiddo!!!

Then I have to say, completely unrelated to Kiddo's bad week... hahahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday: Those weren't 'role players'... those were VENTURE DATA employees!!! It's a call center up there. The managers and most employees at the Mac Store HATED them with a passion, as they would smoke outside the store and scare customers :) I didn't mind them. I actually got a kick out of how they annoyed the stiffs at the Mac Store. But, in the right circles, Venture Data employees are a little... infamous :)

For you to see them and assume 'role players' is just hilarious.

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh!! We saw the name Venture Data - but why do they all dress so weirdly and look like, well um, role players? What is Venture Data anyway?

You got me to cracking up just reading your comment. I can see why you'd think it's so funny. I'll pass this one along.

Did you come down this weekend? Sick sick sick around here. Dad's got it now and is sneezing his poor head off.