Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I miss blogging.

Compulsively sharing like I did in years past. Creating posts, spilling my thoughts, sharing comments with others whose blogs I adored.

Facebook and Twitter ate blogging. Like men on Thanksgiving. Never looking back. Just loosened their pants and ate some more.

Old posts still comfort me, remind me, make me laugh...and cry. I sometimes wonder where the creativity came from. And where it went. Is it still in me and coming out in different forms? Yes, I suppose that's the case. Gardening has increased, cooking and baking improved, soul-searching prioritized. Perhaps this is my season of reflection, of soaking up rather than spilling out.

Yes, I miss blogging. Visiting my old haunts feels like visiting ghost towns now; some of my favorite authors last posts are dated years ago. Many blogs have been deleted. Some remain and cherish them I do.

Makes me sad. Facebook isn't the same. It's fun and informative. But just not the same as a well formed post by a thoughtful friend.

Embracing the void, feeling the grief, refusing to move on.


(Hey, this feels really good. Maybe it's okay to blog in obscurity.)


deanna said...

Not totally obscure, lady! :o) You hit it on the button about blogging, and I had to comment, because I've just been perusing some old posts and thinking about all that stuff. Things do change, but we'll always have those glory days of '07 and '08 in blogland.

liz crumlish said...

Yeah, I miss your regular deep searching posts too sister. But I give thanks for the times you ministered to me and I keep checking back for more nuggets. They may be fewer but nonetheless stimulating and always welcome.
Be blessed and be encouraged to share when you can without pressure.
with love, Lizx

Cherie said...

Thanks, Deanna and Liz. I was surprised to realize an emotional response to your comments. I feel the writing spirit returning - I think. I hope.

Helps to have kindreds like you two out in Blogland.

Patti Hobbs said...

I'm definitely not a kindred spirit when it comes to writing having almost no abilities in that arena, but I know good stuff when I read it. I've missed your posts, too.

Marianne Elixir said...

Not only do I miss your blogging, but I miss mine too. I can SO relate to this post (though I might guess mine is one that is gone). About every 2-3 days I come up with a new reason why I need to start blogging again. I think it will come in time. Facebook doesn't have anything on blogging, at least not the kind of blogging that you write/tell of. Blogs of substance are hard to find, and no "status update" can be that substantial!

Cherie said...

Patti, thanks! I've missed posting. Just didn't have any words there for awhile, believe it or not.

M.E., I miss your blogging, too. The break did me good, though. I don't feel compelled to blog, don't feel the same at all. It's a nice place I'm in right now. You'll get there - I HOPE!

Pam said...

I love your blog, Cherie. And I love you! And I have missed coming here. And golldangit, I miss blogging too! Your recent posts are nudging me... My words just might be coming back...