Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sgt. Pepper and Her Lonely Hearts Club Band

Cassie wanted to wear a Sgt. Pepper Jacket - pink like Ringo's - to graduation. She's had this in her mind for months and months.

I called my sister, Susie, who's better at sewing than I. Much.

She agreed to help out.

Between Cassie's vision, Susie's expertise, and my ability to spot star buttons we three managed to create a very feminine version of Ringo's jacket.

Cassie added bright pink high high heels and slim black slacks to complete her ensemble.

She looked fantastic.

The above photo made me chuckle today. In the midst of lining up for a group photo the kids were aligned as such. Looks like Sgt. Pepper and His Band, don't you think?

Sgt. Cassie Pepper.
Congratulations, Graduate!

You're a born leader. And you looked smashing on this auspicious day.

**Note: For those who may not know, if you click on the photo you can view a larger version.**


deanna said...

Looks like the acting ladies were the ones to march to their own drummers' beats. Or Beatles, as it were. Wonderful jacket and outfit! Hooray for Cassie!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Deanna. Yep, the drama kids do have a flair for, well, the dramatic!