Sunday, May 16, 2010

'The Comedy of Errors'

Cassie and Caroline performed in The Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare over the weekend. Three big shows. Each was FABULOUS!

Tom waits for Opening Night to begin, flowers for the actresses - his daughters - at the ready.

In the first scene Cassie played a pirate Sea Captain. Her hearty pirate voice with its elongated vowels and r's gave authenticity and hilarity to the mood. (Thanks go to my friend, Alyssa Van Den Elzen for sending me these two photos of Cassie in the pirate scenes. Thank you!!)

Cassie gives a helpful word of caution to Antipholus and Dromio (Kevin and Levi).

All smiles and energy after Opening Night. (Jaren, Cassie, Heather, and Caroline)

Bestest, giggliest friends!

In the second half of the play Cassie played the creepy Madame Doctor Pinch. She had the crowd howling every night.

Caroline played the lovely, warm-hearted, curious Lady to the Dutchess of Ephesus. Her lovely vivaciousness shone through her presence, her words, and her perfect gestures. The girl had a BLAST!!

Christy (The Dutchess of Ephesus), Cassie, Christian, and Caroline. Fast friends. Christian lent his support in the audience for two of the nights.

In character - a little. So happy.

The entire cast of The Comedy of Errors. The Executioner - in full black garb - was played by Micah Stratton in the last scene only. He cracked me up!


The smiles tell the tale.

Big brother Ben joins us for Closing Night thrilling his little sisters with his presence, laughter, and hugs. The flowers the girls are holding in this photo were from big brother Joe who had to work that night but attended the first night with me. In a sense we were all together.

These flowers are from one show only. There are three large vases full of flowers in our home. The girls have two in their room, and one in the living room. The sweet aroma of a job well done, of joy, and mostly of love.


deanna said...

Great pictures, Cherie! Wonderful. They had such a good time. Well worth all my quarters for admission!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Deanna! It really WAS worth the money - in bills or change. Was good to see you.