Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rant Reconsidered

A rant was to be posted here.

But it's deleted.

I'm frustrated with three things. Three.

Three which are really only symptoms of a world with a broken compass.

But ranting won't help.

To care for my little family unit will.

To care for my self will.

To show kindness where I choose to show it will help, too.

To focus on what I can do rather that what I can't, to focus on who is for me rather than who is against, to focus on victories, on civility, on rising above, this will help.

It will.

It does.

Rise above with me today.

Above. Where the power-hungry, the selfish, the lazy, the ridiculous, and the unfair can't touch you.

They. Just. Can't.

I am responsible for me.


tshsmom said...

Been there; done that. ;)
There's just soooo much that we can't do, that it's hard not to rant! You wouldn't believe how many rants I've written and never published.

Our peace of mind demands that we change the world the only way we can...starting with our little corner of the world. I find that I've lost a lot of my idealism as I age. I rarely tilt with windmills anymore.

IndianaJones said...

I have a million rants in my draft box...I try to remember not to post them but I must say that writing them is cathartic and usually helps with the focusing on what matters.
Good words Cherie, thanks.

joysong said...

So good! Thanks for reminding me to stay focused on that which I can change and do something about--myself! Luv ya, Cherie. :o)

G'ma Joyce said...

Always enjoy your insight!!!
Much love - AJ

Pam said...

Some days I feel like my every thought comes out in rant form...

I hope you are happy in your head today.

Love you!

Cherie said...

Thanks, everyone! Feeling the love today.

tshsmom said...

Sending love right back atcha!

Sandy said...

Stopped by to rant, but read your post and decided not to:-) As I'm getting ready to get on an airplane to get to the middle of the country, you managed to brighten my day before it even got started. Hugs to ya.