Friday, July 13, 2007

'Need a Big Weekend'

I need a rock concert or some other such rowdy thing. I need to jump into the ocean, cold, ruthless waves knocking me around a little bit. Or maybe to spend the afternoon sweating, chasing a wily cow up and down Dad's oak and madrone covered, tick-infested hill back into the fenced pasture. Something wild and breath stealing. If Tom and I could just go back to the Rocky Mountains for twenty-four hours.........

We've been working hard around here, non-stop. Physically and mentally. Sweating and straining our brains and backs and biceps. Awakening with the first color of sunrise. Asleep before head hits pillow. My soul cries out for some attention. My heart says, "Hey. What about me?"

I'm one of those sensitive, intuitive types who need truckloads of inspirational, alone time and yet, I survive on the occasional mugful. Adapt I must and have, but it hasn't been easy. Patience was never my best friend, a hair-trigger temper was. But patience, being her sweet self, taught me to employ her, to love her, to ride her.

Temper, ick, she still shoots out now and again, hurting, yelling, frustratedly making her stupid self known. She rides me. And it usually feels good, until the ride is over and I see my loves hurt and twitching at my feet. Cruddy feeling.

Fortunately I am surrounded by complicated people here in this household. They give me space, and they cramp my style so much that I have to change. Perfect combination.

But what do I do for them? No clue. They all seem healthy, able to communicate what's going on inside, good listeners.

Music is shared and gets us all on the same page when we find ourselves cracking under the pressures of life.

The screaming, singing, swaying release of a wild rock concert. That would help. Ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

But, look out! The stereo is going to be playing loud, all weekend long, and we are going to do our heavy work while rocking out. Knowing us, there will be gyrating hips, quick stepping feet, spontaneous dancing in the front room or front yard, head banging with the hammer in hand, and smiles. Lot of smiles.

We are weird.

Weird works here.

"I need a big weekend,
Kick up the dust!
Need a big weekend,
If you don't run you rust."

~~Tom Petty


Wandering Coyote said...

As a total introvert myself, I very once in a while feel the need to to rowdy, wild, things. Go for it! Crank the tunes! I do this all the time when my roommate isn't home and it's great!

Ann said...

I like the photos-- lovely with just a touch of "weirdness!"

deanna said...

Hey, Cherie, it seems like a good, weird place to be. Love the photos. Love the honesty and word pictures. Rock on!

Cherie said...

Cranking it up, WC. Something freeing about playing your own music loud, and being by yourself to listen to it. Love it!

Ann, just.....a.....touch! Thanks!

Deanna, thanks, gal! Rocking on!

tshsmom said...

My post from 10/8/06 sounds exactly like this. Overwhelming, isn't it?
I told my family that I can't wait until we get the garage sheeted. The first thing I'm gonna do is put up a shelf to hold a boombox. Head-banging hammering sounds soothing to me too!

BTW, "weird works here" too. We tend to revel in our weirdness. ;)

Anonymous said...

Weird is food for the mind. Good to see you have love in all of it.

Cherie said...

Yeah, tshs, it it overwhelming at times, but then we think it through, pace ourselves, and we calm down. I am not surprised that weird works for you guys, too. It's a good fit for you and for us. :-)

Sandy, perceptive as always, yes, there is a LOT of love in it all. Thanks! I like your comment about weird being food for the mind. Terrific!

Deadmanshonda said...

Oh you write so well Cherie! I love this post....what fun...brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing...

Cherie said...

Hey, thanks Leisel! To give you a smile makes my day!