Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Putzing at Dawn

* Jon and Kate? Who ARE these people? And why should I care?

* Hello? Michael Jackson has passed, media people, let it go.

* And would someone please tell Obama to get off the campaign trail already and get back to work in Washington? There are other issues besides sweeping health care reform. Afghanistan? Energy? Unemployment? Ringing any bells, Mr. President?

* Finally, is anyone following the U.S. Open besides my family and me? I mean, there are amazing athletes from all over the world playing tennis at tip top levels without steroids or scandal. Class acts. For me it's way more impressive than March Madness, the Super Bowl, or the World Series.

And with that, I shall go make banana bread with bananas that are nearly to the edge, and then wash windows with a hundred days of summer stuck to them.


Shyra said...

Yep...feeling the same about some of those issues! Time to move on and make some REAL progress! lol

tshsmom said...

The only thing more ridiculous than the drama of Jon and Kate is that reality show with the family that is pregnant with their 19th child! WHY do people watch this brain-sucking tripe? These all sound like the TV programs in Fahrenheit 451. :(

thymian said...

Ya!! We are feeling not good but it is called life and we have to moved on.

Cherie said...

Exactly, Thymian. Exactly.