Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summery May Weekend - Day Two

With temperatures around 80 degrees we embrace our first summer-like weekend of the year.

Yesterday was Day Two in our Magical Mystery Tour of Joy. (Is that over-stating things? Do I remain so winter-crusted that I must gush? Yes. No shame here.)

After pushing open both large bedroom windows at dawn, Tom and I crawled back under the covers together - Saturday relaxed - while warmish summer-scented air entered our room and lungs, played with our hair and curtains, and like a tiny fairy shaking dust from her luminescent wand sparked imagination and enthusiasm.

Awakening to a new season.

Pancakes, sausage, and kiwi brunch in the company of two beach-cheeked daughters.

They did the dishes, we headed for the Saturday and Farmers' Markets.

Oh the delight! We bought a blueberry bush and an orange daisy-like plant.

And spring greens by the bagful.

And chuckled at dichotomy in a town known for its politically correct Earth-Respectors. At the hippie-infested Saturday Market, no less.

"Celebrate Diversity!"

Strolling, perusing, jostling, and sunshine.

Then this:

Beautiful morning.

While Tom and I gallivanted, Cassie and Caroline busily carried out a surprise by setting out the summer outdoor furniture including the table and umbrella so we four could have meals on the sun porch while the weather holds. Huge smile from me on seeing that!

After a good night's sleep - windows wide open - today's dawn teases.

Brand spanking new day and I'm ready to open it!


tony said...

Oh I Envy Your Fine Weather!It's been shocking here in the UK.Help! Send Us Some Sunshine!

Cherie said...

Crossing my eyes and fingers and toes and doing what I can to send the good weather to you, Tony. You understand that once it leaves here we get YOUR weather, right? ;)

tony said...

It's Summer in England so the rain should be Warm!

Gardenia said...

Oh so glad for your posts and pics - the photos are beautiful - I love the black and whites too - I felt as if I were reading an except from a novel and I am refreshed...

tshsmom said...

I'm so happy that you're all able to move ahead and revel in life after your "purge". Our little family is experiencing re-birth too.
We were forced to cut loose the anchor that had been dragging us down for 30 parents.
It has been a joy to discover that close friends and family totally understand what has been going on and are behind us all the way.
Love shouldn't be a duty and an anchor. Love should be a kite, dancing on the free breezes of life!
Dance on the breeze, my friend, and I'll do the same. ;)

Cherie said...

Tony: I hope that, as it's been 10 days since your comment, you are finding more agreeable weather?

Gardenia: You make me feel good. Thanks!

Tshs: Did you get my email? Hope things are evening out...