Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hoi Polloi

This blog doesn't fit right anymore. Am I growing? Changing? Or is it just the seasons - of Earth, of my life?

I find myself tugging and straightening and frowning and scratching my head.

I'll probably be back again. But for now I'm taking a vacation from here.

I'll be relaxing over at Heightened Awareness for the summer.

And enjoying the solitude of my private blog and paper journal.

You may bump into me in the real world, too, where I intend to try new things, maybe get together with some of you face to face, and just generally observe and participate wherever the breezes of sunny days and merry moods take me.

I know there'll be many delicious moments spent in my secret places - my secret pleasures and pains - my secret searchings and findings - my secret endeavors - my secret bliss.

(I hope you have a vital secret life, too.)

See you around!


sufferingsummer said...

I completely understand. I'll have to update my reader to your other blog...maybe our paths will cross in real life a time or two this summer, I do hope so.

liz said...

Cherie, It would be wonderful if a merry mood brought you to Scotland. Too much to hope for?

Cherie said...

Good, Summer! Hoping to see you either at my other place or face-to-face.

Liz - If I had my way I would come your way tonight! Never too much to hope for. You just never know what may happen.

Mike S said...

See ya there when I'm able. Enjoy the summer with the kidz. You can't get them back if ya miss out on them;)

deanna said...

Enjoy the times, Cherie. I'll watch your other blog and watch for you around town (glimpsed you last Sunday, but then I rushed out - was starving for lunch!).

Gardenia said...

Well, will miss these - and I've been bad about showing up too. I am also journal-ing on paper - and enjoying some solitude - it is a good season for it - I used to fight it, but I am realizing it refuels us - -

I keep thinking about something I read about Eagles - how they go into a cave sometimes and pluck their feather out and don't come out - they bathe under the rain water - and when the time for solitude and renewal is over - they fly into the blue sky renewed and strengthened. I liked that.

Gardenia said...

Oh, and yes, I do have a secret life somewhat - I secret journal in my heart and lately I've found it is rather like a maze than a straight path. I don't like where some of it takes me and I'm thinking perhaps of writing a book. Of course there would be a pseudonym. :)

Sandy's Notes said...

Maybe we'll pass each other in secret Cherie, I wouldn't know you to look at you, but maybe I would just because I feel like I know your thoughts sometimes.

See you at Heightened!

Cherie said...

Thanks, everyone!