Monday, May 22, 2006


Words.....reaction......response......behavior......attitude... droplets into the waters of life...............

.......which create ripples circling outward and outward and outward freely interacting with all in their path,

sharing uncontrollably our positive or negative influence on the world and the people around us.

Don't kid yourself, we don't live unto ourselves only, but we are part of the whole creation, and we DO contribute whether consciously or not.

A kind word sent rippling outward will eventually have a good effect.

A negative word sent rippling outward will eventually have a damaging effect.

Our words, reactions, responses, behaviors, and attitudes must be chosen carefully, thoughtfully as much as possible, with the realization that they will hurt, discourage, or destroy, or they will heal, soothe, or comfort.

Once an old woman was visited by a lovely young maiden seeking the wisdom of her elder.

"Wise Mother, I fear I have done a harmful thing. I have told many people a terrible lie about my friend because of my jealousy and pride. Now I am sorry for the rash words, sorry that I have lied, sorry that my friend is miserable and weeping because of me. What shall I do?"

"Oh, my child, first, remember the grief you have seen on your friend's face, remember her pain, and your pain for causing such anguish. Second, young maiden, take these downy feathers." As she spoke the old woman handed the young woman a cotton sack full of white goose feathers. "Lay one feather on the doorstep of each home in the village, then return to me."

The young woman carefully placed a light feather on the doorstep of each and every home, a task which took hours. After the last feather was faithfully set upon the last doorstep the woman slowly walked back to the home of her mentor.

"I've done as you have asked. I am very tired. It is nearly evening and the breezes are beginning to blow. Now, please, explain to me why I have been instructed to lay the feathers? What has it to do with my wrong?"

"Ah, but you are not finished with your task." At this the young woman's shoulders drooped. The old woman continued, "Return to each and every home, pick up the feathers, and bring them back to me."

The young woman's jaw sagged and her eyes opened wide. "I cannot begin to do that, Mother, for the feathers have blown away! I can never retrieve them all!"

"And you can never retrieve the words you have spoken."

The young maiden began to weep.

Pulling the young maiden close in an embrace, the old woman whispered gently, "Consider the quality of your words and deeds every moment, that they offer the world help and hope rather than discouragement and destruction."


Forgiving ourselves and others for what has occured in the past, we can strive to learn from the pain we've received and given, we can look to today and tomorrow, determining in our hearts and minds, that we will be agents of comfort, wisdom, and hope rippling across the waters of life!

May the ripples coming your way today be pleasant to receive and share!

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