Monday, April 03, 2006

"He Not Busy Being Born is Busy Dying"

Well, our trip to Reno to see Bob Dylan was a huge success! What a blast! Here's a picture of his two huge RV's. We saw the Dylan entourage pull up to the Reno Events Center and then we watched Bob exit the larger rig. Wow!

Tom snagged this freebie newspaper and the girls snatched it from him so we could snap a picture of them with Bobby. Happy girls! The music at the concert was energetic and sensational! Bob sang for two hours straight, no break, and it was not long enough! As always, after allowing us to enjoy his world of music, Bobby left the building ever so promptly to drive away into the night, heading for his next concert town.

There was snow in the air and on the earth as we drove over Donner Pass. The roads, thankfully, were snow free, making for a peaceful, dreamy unwinding of a thrilling weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby is Amazing Hearing him sing and play is a breathtaking expirence!!! Always changing he is a true artist with words!!!!!

the sun is not yellow it's chicken!