Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ah, the power of words......sometimes I think we forget the affect our words have on others. Words can hurt, and words can heal. I think there's even a campaign with a name something like that. It's a good idea, to teach kids to be immaculate with their words, thoughtful, realizing the power for good or harm. We can all put a little more thought into how we use our words, don't you suppose?

And then there's blame. You've heard the story about the man who was yelled at by his boss? Well, he went home and yelled at his wife, who yelled at her son, who yelled at his little sister, who kicked the dog, who chased the cat, who hunted the mouse. Blame. Seems to me it's best if we just handle what's dished out to us, you know, take responsibility when we goof up, instead of trying to pass it on to innocent people. Boy, it hurts when you are the one attacked for someone else's failing.

But it feels so good when someone uses words to make you feel better when you've been falsely accused. The comparison between the one who is hasty and hurtful, and the one who is kind and understanding is a good lesson to observe, feel, and learn from. And emulate.

Because someone spoke with harsh accusations to me today, my afternoon was dampened by upset.

Because someone kindly comforted me with words this evening, my sleep will be peaceful tonight.

Words. Sweet, kind, understanding, compassionate words.

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