Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy Fresh Start!!

I love the blank slate that I realize when I awaken on January First. It's just another day, sure, but we humans are benefited by the notion of resetting our personal clocks. Feels hopeful, somehow, like we can junk all the bad stuff and start anew.

Works for me!

So far, so good.

Lasagna on the way, sunshine beaming down, happy chattering sounds of kids in the other room, and the pup is curled up in bed resting.

Good omens, all.

Let's make it a good one, eh?


Cherie said...

The lasagna was well-received, in case you are wondering.


Sandy's Notes said...

Sounds great to me. I love todays date though don't you? I'm going to keep with that idea of new beginnings. Maybe because of Carols death, I can let go of 2010 and think of 2011 as being a new beginning. I just hate having to leave her behind though.

Ciera said...

I've had the same feeling about this year, that it's going to be a good one!