Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deeper In

Weather changes. Summer gone. Garden exhausted. Me, too.

Time for going in - not merely indoors, but into me, deep deep into heart, mind, soul.

Lower sun, early sunset, chill winds, turbulent skies.

World fades, shuts. Spirit calls, opens. Summer-slammed heart doors creak, beckon 'Enter'. Familiar, pleasant place of mystery, answers, questions, giving up and giving in, firm places to stand, hard places to lean against. God's essence surges.

Late nights, wee hours, thoughts soar, circle bedroom ceiling where sleep evades, flutter with golden leaves down down and up again, winging on updraft, sound, sight, smell of newborn season.

Friendliness, fear, faith. Family. Far-away folks fade. New friends, new family fill fresh void. God takes. God gives. Nothing remains, all ends, all begins. Believer's sustenance.

Belief. Learning, grappling, understanding and confusion, seeking, finding, comprehension, dissipating confusion, freedom, deepening search.

Familiar soothe-ments entice and do not disappoint.


Annie said...

You are spectacular, Cherie! I've been gone awhile and come back to find you are still writing beautiful words, posting gorgeous pictures and sharing wisdom from that old-soul heart of yours.

Blessings my dear friend!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Annie. How I've missed you! Blessing to you, too.

Gardenia said...

Such a beautiful blog - beautiful words, beautiful poetic words.....I am refreshed when I visit here.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Gardenia. We all support one another on this journey, don't we. When we are able.