Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom's Safe and Sound

Just a quick post to let those of you who are following the Saga of Mom know that she did indeed check out of the rehab center and is now living with Dad at my brother's house. She goes to therapy three times a week, is getting around with a walker, and both she and Dad sound realllly relaxed over the phone. (My brother lives 200 miles from me.)

The therapist said yesterday that she recommends the sessions continue for at least six more weeks. She's certain she can get Mom's strength to return so she can once more walk without aid.

Dad is anxious to get back home (I mean, it's been five whole days!!) though he's staying pretty calm on the surface which helps everyone. He enjoys having Mom around again and LOVES the little great-grandkids coming over for visits.

My life has certainly opened up - sigh of relief - even as my brother and sister-in-law have taken on a whole lotta new. I told my sister-in-law last night that by the time she's seen Mom through this recovery phase with its procedures, pills, appointments, and whatnot that she'll be qualified to be a nurse!

It will be interesting to see where this all leads. So many unanswered questions but for the moment, all is well.



Marianne Elixir said...

This is lovely news. I am excited at all the steps in the same direction (to regained health!).

Deanna said...

I hear your relief that your folks sound reallly relaxed over the phone. That's a gift. :o)

Thanks for looking at my office! For gracing us with your presence, and for not being frightened by our "evil" address. :o[

tshsmom said...

One more step has been accomplished in the road to recovery. Now if your brother can just keep your Dad from getting antsy. ;)

Gardenia said...

Its good that family is taking turns - - - I'm kind of afraid to have back surgery - I do not have the time to learn to walk again, that is pretty scary to me.

Well, I pray that all goes well - that the time will pass quickly and this time next year your mom will be remembering the walker as being far in the past.

Cherie said...

Thanks for being excited, Marianne! We are hoping for the best for Mom and Dad.

Deanna - yes, their relief is my relief. Enjoyed the movie! "Who ya gonna call?" Maybe you need the Ghostbusters to relieve you of your 'evil address.' :D

Tshs: Brother is trying to keep his cool while Dad continues with his grand notions. Making for some funny stories - probably funnier to me than to brother at this point. ;)

Gardenia: It's not the back surgery that has rendered Mom in need of therapy to regain her walking skills. It was the sepsis and the weeks of lying flat on her back, PLUS she wasn't strong to begin with - walked with a cane. She will probably be better off than she has in years. I hope you aren't nervous about surgery because of Mom's not walking - like I said, that's got nothing to do with the surgery. Thanks for your prayers! I'm praying the same thing. :)

Mike S said...

Super news, even if I'm somewhat late reading this:)