Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mumsy and Other Good News

I realize that I've been preoccupied lately with my mom's health here on this blog - and, well, in real life - but so it goes when you love someone.

Our goal for this week is for her to agree to rehab five days in a row. She's done four in a row so far and believe me, there's been a change in the wind, a corner turned in what feels like the blink of an eye. Not only is she agreeing but she's gritting her teeth through the pain, sitting up longer and longer, and performing arm and leg exercises in the in-between when relaxing in bed. She's eating her meals in the dining room with other kind and friendly patients, feeding herself, relaxing a little bit into the new routine.


...drum roll, please...


She's a bit happier. We're ecstatic!

She'll be doing wheelchair wheelies in no time!

The human spirit is amazing. Patients who've been at the rehab center longer than Mom, men and women who've experienced the valley of the shadow of death as Mom has, folks who are nearer the doorway to home, have been encouraging her, promising that if she does what the therapists suggest she will recuperate. The camaraderie is not only enjoyable but most uplifting. A beautiful thing to behold. I so enjoy the company of those strong, determined, kind people.

So, thanks again all you supporters of Mom's. Here's to Day 5! "You can do it, Ma!!"


More great news:

1. Caroline's braces are off as the previous post describes.

2. School's out as Cassie took her achievement test which marked the end for us.

3. We passed Final Inspection on our addition! No more government officials snooping around our hard work. Applause for Tom, please. He's done most of it.

4. David Cook won American Idol.

5. Ben's driving down, Joe's driving across town, and tomorrow we're all going to see Indiana Jones IV.

6. And, just to repeat myself, Mom is improving remarkably well this week.

I hope you'll take a few seconds to celebrate with us. It's been a long eighteen months and a hard hard May.

Good news - sweet like honey!


Marianne Elixir said...

This post made me smile big!
Rejoicing with you up here and praying for continued recovery for your momma.

Stacey Huston said...

So happy for your family and your mom... thanks for sharing.. thank you for sharing your squirrel encounter with me also.. what a wonderful thing to experience.

Gardenia said...

Things are definitely looking up! Yay, time for a milestone celebration!

liz said...

With you every step of the way, Cherie, in sorrow and in joy - and still one more week in which May might redeem itself!

Deanna said...

The mom news sounds so good. The house news is fantastic - congrats Tom and everyone!

How was the movie?

Dina said...

"May you hear only good news." In Israel this is the way we bless friends who have known too much hard news.
Blessings to you from Jerusalem.

Cherie said...

Marianne: Rejoice we do even as it's two steps forward one step back and sometimes one step forward two back. We're moving in a forward direction for the most part. Thanks for praying with us!

Stacey: You're welcome and thank you! I'd love to swap nature/critter stories with you and Hawk in person someday.

Gardenia: Yep, a milestone celebration. I guess the Indiana Jones movie was a bit of celebration. It was fun to look down the aisle at the theater and see my husband and four kids all in a row around me. Nice that things are OK with us that way.

Liz: Maybe you are right that May will redeem herself this week. It hasn't been all that bad really in light of how things could have been. I'm happy you are with me each step of the way, Liz, for we are not out of the woods, yet.

Deanna: When in the theater after the movie I asked the kids and Tom, "So, thumbs up or thumbs down?" Ten thumbs shot up immediately? 'Nuf said? :D

Dina: How precious this blessing feels right now. Thank you so much for your Jerusalem blessing! My parents have visited your city three times and loved it each stay. They'll be cheered to read this comment from you!