Monday, May 05, 2008

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad with a new great-grandchild - my niece's firstborn - back in 2004.

I want them to be healthy and bright-eyed like this again. Now. Standing straight and tall.

But life creeps up on us, slams us when we aren't looking, when we take it for granted.

Patience. Trust. Embrace reality.

I have joined the ranks of so many in my generation who have kids at home and ailing parents a hundred miles away.

It's tearing me apart. I don't know how to do this.

But I'm learning.

And I'm not alone.

It's hard.


liz said...

praying for you and yours. I know you can't have your parents back to what they were pre stroke, pre illness. But I hope real soon they'll be recovered enough that you won't feel you're being torn apart by being needed in all directions.
Hoping all the messages of love and prayers and compassion are wrapping around you and keeping you going.

sandy's notes said...

Sometimes all we can do is take one step at a time. You have many of us hoping each step is a little better. Hugs to you.

Cherie said...

Thank you, Liz and Sandy, for your hopeful words of encouragement. Be assured that as I read these words myself, then share them with my family, we feel a bit of the burden lifted. It somehow helps to know others care and are praying and holding us up.

Thanks again - so much!

Update: The systemic ecoli infection is GONE!! We are quite relieved. However, the doctors are baffled at Mom's continued extreme weakness. Soooo, they are doing some space age type tests on her heart today and then again tomorrow. The doctors will tell us tomorrow what they find. There may be some damage or blockage. This could go either way. Poor Mom! She's so tired.

sandy's notes said...

This is good news! On to the next step, with prayers still. Maybe the tiredness will be just that this knocked her system wacky and she'll have full recovery.

Cherie said...

Good news indeed, Sandy. :)

The doctors were supposed to meet with Dad and my brother-in-law yesterday at four o'clock but, while Dad and bro waited for hours, the doctors never showed. Anxiety. Frustration. We don't know the results of her heart tests. Hopefully no news is good news, right?

Today I go down for my shift of taking care of Mom and Dad for three days leaving Tom and the girls to hold down the fort here at home. Maybe the doctors will talk with us today?? I'll be driving Dad too and from the hospital a few times a day to visit Mom and will do chores for him and make him meals when we are back at the house.

Mom is acting strangely - way out of her normal behavior. She doesn't want to eat - "It's just to much work," she sighs. She refused breakfast yesterday, only took nibbles at lunch and dinner while Dad fed her. This is quite unusual for her. Quite. She was given anti-depressants (here's where I hope someone - WC? - will tell me how long it takes for them to show improvement - because she's so lethargic and has no will to improve. She tries to refuse her physical therapy, though the therapists always win out. Good thing. Mom has always done any P.T. she's been given above and beyond, amazing the doctors with her determination and hard work. Again, this stubborn refusal is weird for her.

It's like Mom has checked out somehow.

I'm going to see if I can encourage her for the next few days. I'll be back Friday night and will read comments left here then - unless I can figure out Mom's ancient laptop while at her house. Tom and the girls read your comments every day though.

Thanks, everyone!

Jennifer in OR said...

Praying for your family. May God's peace be with you.

Deanna said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm still praying for your mom and all of you.

Gardenia said...

You have your hands full for a while. Your are already rich and deep - but you are now walking places that will bring more - even though its so painful.

Momentary Madness said...

I hope all workes out.
Life, what can I say.
It's bloody hard.

Cherie said...

Jennifer, Deanna, Gardenia, and Sean - Just a huge THANK YOU!!!

(Sean - bloody hard is right!)

Anonymous said...

Be assured there are lots and lots of prayers going heavenward for your Mom. Thanks so much for keeping us informed - we love you all. A.J. & U.F.

Cherie said...

Thanks, AJ and UF!! It was soothing and encouraging to talk with you on the phone. Your wisdom and cheerfulness - plus that excellent attitude you always have - made my day and has carried through.