Saturday, May 24, 2008


Mom has participated in therapy by ever increasing degrees for Six Days in a row!! Today will be the seventh.

Just as suspected the improvement is dramatic.

She can roll to her side in bed by herself and is getting closer to being able to sit up and dangle her legs over the edge of the bed on her own. She stood for a few seconds between parallel bars. She's letting us push her in her wheelchair around the center. Her mood improves daily. She's fighting to regain her life.

Bit by bit, movement by movement, recovery continues.

We are breathing again.


tshsmom said...

Tell Mom that all of us on your blog are proud of her too! She's an inspiration to all of us stubborn women!

tony said...

She Sounds Like A Strong Determined Women.

Gardenia said...

Wow, that was so very close. I hope I have her strength if I ever have to face anything like that.

Kimberly said...

The 1st time I've visited, But I will pray for her. She sounds like a real fighter!!

Cherie said...

I told her what you wrote, Tshs, and she smiled. Thanks!

Tony, you are soooo right!

Gardenia, yes it was so very close. Too close if you ask me.

Kimberly, I sure do appreciate your prayers! Thanks!